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You Can Rent a Flat in London with Movebubble!

24 June 2016 Amy McKechnie Read time: 2 min
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Amy McKechnie

Rent a place in London with Movebubble

We're very excited to announce that you can now complete your whole rental journey with the Movebubble app! So what does this actually mean? You're already browsing properties, 'watching' your favourite ones, and booking viewings quickly and easily in the app... so what more could we offer you guys who are renting in London?

Verified Agents ✅

We're working with the top letting agents in London to make the renting process that bit easier. With these guys, you can chat directly to the agents in the app, which means you don't have to wait hours for a reply like on other websites! In the chat, agents can suggest other properties you might like to view, and schedule in viewings in your calendar. Also with these agents, you can make offers directly through the app.

Share Feedback ⭐️

We know it's important when making an offer to be reassured that the agent is reputable and genuine. We collect feedback from renters throughout their journey on the Movebubble app, to see what they think of the agents, and we share that feedback with you. On the property details page, you can see the agent's rating, as rated by other renters. If it's low... then they are probably an agent you should try to avoid! 

Make An Offer From Your Sofa 🛋

So, you've found a lovely property with one of our Verified Agents, and you'd like to make an offer on it. Do you need to go back to the agent's office in the rain?? NAH! You can head home to your warm and comfy sofa, chat to the people you're moving with, and make an offer right there on your Movebubble app. You'll need to add some more details, in addition to the profile you created at the beginning, such as your annual household income, the date you'd like the contract to start, what contract length you'd like, and any special conditions. 

Safe and Secure Payments 💰

After completing your offer details, the app will request your card details to prepare for your holding fee payment. Don't worry, nothing is taken from your card until your offer is actually accepted by the agent and landlord! This is one of the great things about using the Movebubble app, we make sure everything happens in the right order for you and you don't lose your holding fee before the offer is accepted. If you need to negotiate on the offer, you can chat to the agent in the app anytime, or call them through the chat too.

Get The Best Deal 😍

At certain times of the year, you're likely to be able to negotiate a rental price that is slightly below the asking price. Read more about what's happening in the market throughout the year to make sure you're up to speed. We also have a handy smart pricing tool in the app, to help guide you on what is a reasonable offer to make and how likely you are to secure the property at that price. 


If You Need To Cancel Your Offer ☹️

With Movebubble, you can rest assured that everything will go to plan, but it's good to know where you stand if for some reason things didn't go ahead. If your offer was accepted, the holding fee was taken and you decide to cancel or pull out of renting the property, then you may lose some of your holding fee. Often, agents will have spent time and money on the contracts and referencing process, so this is there to protect them from renters who waste their time on properties they're not serious about renting. However, if for any reason the agent or landlord cancels the offer, you are entitled to receive your full holding fee back. If you need to cancel an offer that has not yet been accepted, you can chat to us anytime in the app and we can handle it for you 😊


To discover the easiest and cheapest way to rent in London, make sure you download the Movebubble app today.

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