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What is Co-Living?

29 September 2020 Simon Banks Read time: 3 min
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Simon Banks

Big cities like London and Manchester are sprawling metropolises that contain culture, entertainment and, well, just about everything you could ask for. However, there is one area where they have been historically lacking: community.

It’s not so much that people dislike each other in these cities; it’s more to do with the sheer volume of people scuttling along every day and getting on with their lives without taking stock. Such a mentality may have worked in years’ gone by, but there’s a sea change – one that demands more inclusivity.

That’s where Co-Living comes in. It’s a way for more inclusive living, with communities that feature stylish spaces that emphasise a holistic renting experience. As Generation Rent becomes one of the most important demographics in the UK housing market, Co-Living spaces provide an inclusive experience that is catered specifically for your needs.

Here’s everything you need to know about Co-Living.

What is Co-Living?

Co-Living residents lounge

Co-Living is a lifestyle centred around sharing and helps create a genuine sense of community. The concept isn’t necessarily new, but it has evolved over the years to provide a strong sense of community combined with luxurious five-star spaces.

Co-Living spaces are part of the answer to give renters high-end living experience. Each community is managed by a specific Co-Living operator and offers stylish private living areas that feature a bedroom and private bathroom. The rest of the building is shared, including kitchen, lounge areas, cinemas rooms, working spaces, gyms – pretty much anything fun that you can think of.

Then there are the events. These Co-Living communities hold regular events that bring everyone closer together. And if you really want to know how serious these Co-Living operators are about the community, you only need to look to the waiting lists. Buildings are in demand, to the point where renters put their names on a list in the hope of being able to move in.

Benefits of Co-Living

Shared kitchen space at a Co-Living community

While each Co-Living community varies, there are benefits that you can expect during your living experience, no matter where you live.

  • Lower rental prices than full apartments (you can live in popular neighbourhoods for less)
  • Flexible contracts
  • Regular community events
  • Regular professional cleaning
  • Furnished living spaces
  • Social spaces such as lounges, cinema rooms, gaming rooms, outside space, kitchens, dining areas and more
  • On-site gyms
  • All-inclusive bills in some spaces
  • Seamless maintenance and repairs

It’s all about the social spaces, though. These areas are where you can come together, whether it’s chilling out in a residents’ lounge, kicking it on the rooftop with a BBQ, having a movie night in the screening room or learning recipes from each other in the kitchen and dining spaces.

Should you move to a Co-Living space?

Residents talking to each other at a Co-Living space

If you’re yearning for a community vibe where you live, then a Co-Living space is a great option for you. Co-Living is about more than simply being neighbours; these communities centre around sharing space and values. For many renters, such ethos will strike a chord.

Amazing social spaces and swanky private areas help to create an aura around the building, and the operators running them know a thing or two about setting the right atmosphere. But it’s the renters living there that make these Co-Living spaces feel like a home.

They are a palace to make new friends and have a second family. And if you’ve ever moved to a big city without much of a support network, you’ll know just how important it is to interact with people that you share the same core values with.

Where are the best Co-Living Spaces?

The best Co-Living spaces can be found in London and Manchester, though others are springing up all around the UK. Along with the great renters who live there, the key to a successful Co-Living space is the people who operate them.

Here are some of the best:


Co-Living community at Gravity

Gravity offers well-presented living spaces that provide regular events for the community. With locations in North London’s Camden and Finsbury Park, as well as a community in Paris, it’s safe to say that Gravity knows a thing or two about creating engaging communities in big cities.


Social space at LifeX

LifeX is a renter-first partner who are all about that Co-Living life. They are a Danish company specialising in family-style co-living homes, with properties in London, Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen, Munich and Vienna. But it’s the London spaces that you’ll want to know about. Dalston, Brixton, Bow and Islington are all home to LifeX Co-Living communities, where young professionals from all over the world live in cosy, nordic designed homes. It's sure to be your calm oasis from a busy London life. 

The Collective

Social space at The Collective

Co-Living spaces from The Collective can be found in London’s Old Oak and Canary Wharf neighbourhoods, as well as Long Island in New York. The Collective goes one step further than many Co-Living communities, offering residents the chance to rent a studio apartment with a kitchenette. But that doesn’t mean they have neglected the idea of community living. At The Collective, you can expect daily events that help bring everyone that little bit closer together.

The Dome

The Dome Co-Living Space

As the sister company of The Collective, The Dome apartments offer serviced living for renters who are all about the community. You will find locations in Acton, Camden and King’s Cross, with the latter providing a gateway to Europe via the Eurostar.

It’s time to Co-live

Co-Living offers inclusivity in plush homes and helps to create a genuine sense of community. With an increasing number of options hitting the market, there has never been such a great selection of places to call “home”, no matter your style, vibe or ethos.


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