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What Are the Best Places to Get Renters' Advice?

18 June 2021 Simon Banks Read time: 2 min
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Simon Banks

Whether you're a current renter or are thinking about renting a place, it's always handy if you have access to expert advice. Fortunately, plenty of resources are available online and in person, whether you want to understand your rights as a renter to source general information about the renting process. You're well covered, but where can you go to find this information? Our guide has the best places that renters can visit for advice. 

Citizens Advice

You can use Citizens Advice for loads of different things – they are there to help no matter the problem at hand. All advice is completely free, and they deal with issues surrounding renting and general housing in the UK. So if you have questions about anything rental-related, be it regarding landlords or if you are struggling to pay the rent, they can offer helpful advice. 

The website has a ton of information about renting, so you may even find what you're looking for on there. But even if you can't, worry not. You can speak to someone in your local citizens' advice branch and get the help you need. 

Government website

The official government website has plenty of information about renting privately. It covers everything from the documents needed to the responsibilities of your landlord. And while it doesn't offer any personalised advice, its resources run deep and give you plenty of insight into the renting process. 


Here at Movebubble, we've kind of made it our thing to give you with lots of resources surrounding renting. You can head over to our Renter Hub at any time and get information on just about every aspect of renting, whether it's who pays for the bills or if you can decorate your home. 

On top of that, you can even rent a place on the app. Search, view and secure your property from the comfort of your sofa with our smart search features, video walkthroughs and instant booking. Last but not least, we've got guides on neighbourhoods in London and Manchester, plus all the great things you can do and see in the cities where Movebubble advertises properties.


Shelter offers housing advice, whether you rent or own your home. The private rental sector section has everything you need to know about renting in the UK, with information about tenancy deposits, finding a home and more. You can also contact Shelter directly should you have any issues. The charity was set up to help with homelessness in the UK but also covers all aspects of housing. 

Generation Rent

Generation Rent is the national private tenants' organisation. Over the years, it has become a primary resource for private renters in the UK, helping out with vital information about your rights. On the Generation Rent website, you can find details about their campaigns, as well as the latest news and info on your rights as a renter.  

Renting resources

Having access to information is always helpful, especially when it comes to where and how you live. By using any one of the websites above, you can become a little renting encyclopedia and know everything there is to know about renting a home in the UK. 

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