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Template for ending your tenancy agreement

23 September 2013 Caspar Read time: 1 min
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Always check your rental agreement and make sure there isn't a written requirement for you to give notice.


Ending your tenancy or lease agreement is possible at the end of your fixed term, or early if there is a break clause in your agreement. If you are leaving on the last day of your fixed term you don't have to give notice if your fixed term was 6-12 months.

If you stay in the property beyond the end of the fixed term, even if it's just for a single day, you will automatically become what's called a periodic tenant. This means your tenancy runs from week to week or month to month and normally requires 4 weeks to one month's notice to end it.

It’s quite common for landlords to get you to sign a new fixed-term tenancy agreement at this point. But some will just let the tenancy keep going on a periodic basis.

If you are wondering how you go about ending your tenancy or lease agreement, don’t panic. Movebubble has drafted a basic template for you to use. Just copy and paste this is a word document, and change the relevant bits. You will be able to find all of these relevant bits of information on your agreement.

It might sound a bit formal but this makes it pretty clear for the owner as to what is going on. All the owner really wants is to know this in good time, and that you are clear about when you are moving out.

Some contracts will require that you move out a particular time after the payment date, so make sure you check your contract for any anomalies.

Template for ending your tenancy or lease agreement

You will need to add information to all the bits [xxx]

Here it is…

[Number and Street Name]

[Village name]

[Town name]

[City Name]

[Post Code]



Dear [Owner’s full name]

I am writing to inform you that I wish to end my [tenancy/lease] agreement on the [x/x/xx]. I am henceforth giving [x] [weeks/months] notice from this date [x/x/xx].

You will be able to contact me at the following address once I have left the property after my leaving date.

[Number and Street Name]

[Village name]

[Town name]

[City Name]

[Post Code/Zip Code]

[Telephone number] (optional)

[E-mail address] (optional)

Kind regards,


[Your Name, Second name]


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