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Renters helping renters: a revolution in London

8 February 2016 Amy McKechnie Read time: 1 min
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Amy McKechnie

Renting in London is hard!


Anyone that has been through the process of finding a home to rent in London knows the pain. If you’ve moved to London from elsewhere in the UK or abroad, there is the additional complexity of trying to understand different areas and where you should be looking in the first place.

There is a better way!

Movebubble is making changes to the way the rental market works. We want to create a sharing economy for renters.

With a rental market that moves as quickly as it does in London, the better and more up-to-date the information you have on a property, the less time you spend chasing dead ends, making calls about properties that are no longer available, or wasting time on viewing properties that look nothing like the photos.

Area Guide Couples_iphone6_spacegrey_portraitThrough the Movebubble app we are enabling this sharing of information and insights between renters to help make renting better for everyone.

In the next update to our apps we will begin to introduce new features that will help people find the right place to live in London, through sharing insight into the areas that are popular with other similar renters. For example, a young professional couple with a limited knowledge of London would have little understanding and could have to spend a lot of time researching which area is right for them. If they could see the areas popular with other young professional couples, they could feel a lot more comfortable in their decision and save themselves a lot of time and effort.

Over the coming weeks and months we will continue to introduce new features into the app that enable the sharing of information between renters.

As more and more renters use Movebubble we can all work together to fix one of the biggest problems in the London rental market, which is properties remaining on property portals after they have been let. From information we have gathered, we estimate that it could be up to 50% of the rental properties listed on the major property websites covering London.property card couple_iphone6_spacegrey_portrait

If you use Movebubble to search for your next rental home, you can book viewings in just a couple of taps. No more phone calls and emails to agents, we handle the hard work and let you know once it’s booked in. If we find out a property is unavailable, our team removes it instantly from our system, so no more renters time is wasted and everyone avoids disappointment.

You can find the Movebubble in the App Store and on Google Play

Fed Up of Endless Viewings
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