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Movebubble Values & What They Mean

8 June 2020 Aidan Rushby Read time: 5 min
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Aidan Rushby
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When I started thinking about our Movebubble values and why we chose the ones we did, I thought deeply about the principles that I live my own life by and what I value the most in not only the workplace, but also my personal life. 

As a small company, we had the luxury of most of the team being involved in the decision making process. We came up with these values at our planning workshop in October 2019 in Devon and we now question and re-evaluate them on an annual basis to ensure they are still relevant. We benefited from choosing a setting that was far away from our normal workplace and lives, as we were able to disconnect and really focus on what it was that was going to drive the company forward. They have since been at the forefront of everything we do from recruitment, to decision making within the product. 

Movebubble Values

What are our Values?

Renters First

Above all else, we’re making renting better for the world’s renters.

Be Entrepreneurial 

Push your limits and take risks. Share ideas and celebrate failures as opportunities to grow.

Always be Learning

Gain new skills, competence and expertise. Expand your knowledge and learn from others.

Show your Passion

Nothing great in the world was ever accomplished without passion.

Nail the Process

A sharp process keeps you efficient and in control.

What do they mean?

Renters First 

First and foremost, Renters are the centre of everything we do here at Movebubble so it made sense that our number one value was based around doing it for renters! Our priority is to make renting better for our customers and so everything we do should be based around turning this into a reality. 

Be Entrepreneurial 

This value was really important to me as a business owner. Starting Movebubble to solve the biggest pain points of renting was the biggest risk I have ever taken personally, and one I am so glad I did. 

Anyone can be entrepreneurial though, even on a small scale! When talking about an entrepreneur, we are just talking about a person with a great, or innovative idea that brings about the need for the creation of something to fill a void. The characteristics that define being an entrepreneur are creativity, imagination and a thirst for work as well as pushing limits and taking risks to succeed.

Always be Learning 

I have found that in life, it's so important that we are constantly learning from our experiences. Even if you are the expert in something, it doesn't mean that you should stop learning. We should all be taking the steps towards bettering ourselves and improving on our skills. I think that if you ask anyone that has enjoyed success, they will all tell you the same thing: keep learning! 

With all successes, there are inevitably mistakes made along the way, and so learning from them is essential in ensuring you don’t have to go through the same failures again (well... we like to hope so!)

In my own life I employ these habits on a daily basis. I enjoy reading and have set a goal this year to read at least 20 books. (Not to brag but..) I have reached that goal already and I have been able to draw on the experience of some of the books I have read this year which has been great! I am going to continue to push myself to keep going further to widen my knowledge and understanding on a range of topics. 

Show Your Passion

Being passionate is something that comes quite naturally to me and I’m sure at times the team would say I am sometimes “too passionate”. However I think it's a really important quality to have. Being passionate about something drives you to push the boundaries and helps you not only to succeed and grow, but it also serves to motivate others. 

Everyone in the team strives towards this value, and is encouraged to communicate their passion across their work. Whether that’s talking to a partner about a new update in the product, or writing an email newsletter, showing your passion really helps to take our customers on the journey with us.

Working on something you are passionate about is one of the best experiences, and really makes each day interesting and rewarding - Nothing great in the world was ever accomplished without passion!

Nail the Process

Process is something I bang on to the team about constantly, but it is something I hold in very high regard. If you have the process nailed, you set yourself up for success. What are we talking about when it comes to process? It's basically defining the way we do things, so we’re able to create repeatable and scalable steps to drive the business forward. Without a process, how do you know if what you’re doing is working or not?

Having a solid process for everything you do allows you to visualise the steps for what happens along the way from beginning to end, and evaluate where steps could be improved to increase speed of delivery, quality of work, or scale of results. 

Processes that are well-defined will always help to remove inefficiencies and will ultimately improve the productivity of the whole team. It’s also super helpful when onboarding new team members and scaling our efforts. Having a great process keeps you efficient and in control!

Living Our Values

It’s all very well setting these values with good intentions, but unless you actually live those values, it’s pretty pointless. Here’s a couple of ways we live our values:

  1. Movebubbler of the Month awards! Each month, all team members vote for their Movebubbler of the Month, and describe specifically how that person has truly lived the values
  2. Friday Round Up. We have a full company catch up on Fridays, where everyone shares their biggest win for the week, and nominates someone in the team who has ‘wowed’ them by living the values
  3. Recruitment Process. We always evaluate potential new team members in line with our values. If people don’t demonstrate or fit these values, then they’re not the right person for us
  4. Visualisation. As you can imagine, this was easier when we were in the office everyday! But even on our Slack channel, Slackbot responds to the word ‘values’ with a list of the Movebubble values. A nice reminder for everyone!

Final thoughts...

There are so many ways in which each of our team lives our values each day. Whether it's through the entrepreneurial spirit and innovation in the product team, the engineering team nailing the process to deliver key projects or our Customer Success team who speak to our renters and partners each day ensuring that we remain a ‘Renter first’ brand. 

Our values also correspond to the Quality Standards which is a set of 3 ‘laws’ that we live by in all of the work that we do here at Movebubble. It's something that really works well for us in ensuring we never produce subpar work across the board. We have to ask if...

  1. It talks to a specific person
  2. It makes me say “wow”
  3. It's simple to understand 

Quality Guidelines

Having clear core values is really important as they serve to guide you throughout your journey, and become the basis on which you make key decisions. Every business should have a unique set of values that support the vision and decision making processes within their organisation. When choosing values, it is important to think about how they will translate in 5, 10, or even 20 years time and to ensure that the ones you pick remain relevant for you and your team - they may develop slightly as time progresses and that’s okay, but the core should stay the same. 

It's really important to remember that having values is not just about having them to stick up on a wall to look nice - it's really important that you are actually able to live them and use them as a guide when making decisions in your business.

Finally, I think that your values can be said to be even more important than your goals, because you might not always reach all of your goals, but you can always choose to live by your values! 


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