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The Most Haunted Places in Manchester

29 October 2020 Simon Banks Read time: 3 min
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Simon Banks

What goes bump in the night? Either you've woken up and accidentally walked into the door while trying to navigate your way to the bathroom, or it's something more ghoulish? 👻

Well, it could be something haunted if you happen to live near one of the six haunted places covered in this list. In the spirit of Halloween, we're bringing you the scariest and most creeptacular places in Manchester. Tier 3 means there's no trick or treating this year, but we've got some frightful thrills with six of the most haunted places in Manchester.

Albert Hall

Albert Hall has already featured on TV services Most Haunted. So if you're living in and around Deansgate, keep an eye out for any strange goings-on at the music venue. It's said to be occupied by a poltergeist, who roams the halls, and they've got no interest in playing music.

Albert Hall in Manchester

During the hall's time as Brannigan's pub, the staff reported creepy happenings, such as glasses being smashed, taps being messed with, and people even being pushed down the stairs. It doesn't sound like there were any treats at Albert Hall; only tricks.

Ordsall Hall

There must be something about the halls of Manchester because our next place happens to take place in another haunted hall. Located in Salford, Ordsall Hall has a long history of scary encounters, especially since its refurbishment in 2010.

Ordsall Hall Manchester

From constant knocking to extreme drops in temperature, there has been a variety of poltergeist activity reported at Ordsall Hall. Others have even mentioned the sound of a screaming woman who threw herself from the balcony in the Great Hall. People who wander up to the location of her death have said they feel extreme sorrow and guilt. 

Ring-o-Bells Inn

We're heading to Middleton in the M24 postcode for our next eerie encounter. The Ring-o-Bells Inn is reportedly one of the most haunted places in the whole of the UK, with many sightings of paranormal activity taking place in one of the oldest buildings in Middleton.

Ring-o-Bells Manchester

People have witnesses moving glasses, as well as items being thrown at landlords and guests. The pub was built in the 12th century and is located on a site where a horrific massacre took place during the English Civil War. Multiple bodies are reported to have been dismembered and buried in the cellar.

The Royal Exchange Theatre

We're heading back into Manchester City Centre for our next haunting. The Royal Exchange Theatre was formerly a cotton trade centre and is said to be "looked over" by James Maxwell, an actor and founding artistic director.

The Royal Exchange Manchester

But that's not all, as it's believed there is a maternal Victorian lady dressed in stylish clothes who is said to wander the Grade II listed building. Perhaps the two of them can work together to create a ghostly performance at the theatre.

Bramall Hall

No, but seriously, what is it with the halls in the north-west? Bramall Hall in Stockport continues the trend with on-going reports of paranormal activity. People have said that the grounds of Bramall Hall see people experiencing unexplained sensations, such as the feeling of being drenched in water.

Bramall Hall Manchester

There's also mysterious footsteps and the old chapel organ playing itself. The hall is also said to be the home to several ghosts, including a woman in a nightgown and a serving maid. If you see the latter, you might want to ask for a gin and tonic to calm your nerves.

Manchester's underground tunnels

Below the bustling streets of Manchester is where you will find an underground rail network, along with a phone exchange. The latter might come in handy if you need to report a ghostly sighting because there's a high chance that you will witness some scares.

Underground tunnels

The Victoria Arches section, in particular, is rumoured to feature a few ghoulish fiends. Previous explorers have mentioned the sighting of a phantom doctor in the corridors and staircases. Maybe he's working to develop a new Covid testing system.

Who you gonna call?

From ghoulish ghosts roaming halls to creepy doctors and just about everything in between, it turns out that, like London, Manchester is a particularly haunted city. The northern powerhouse is known for its vibrant atmosphere, great restaurants, friendly locals, and now you can add haunted locations to the list. Perhaps it's worth checking if the Ghostbusters operate during lockdown because they might just be needed this Halloween. 😱

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