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11 of the Best Parks in Manchester

23 March 2021 Simon Banks Read time: 3 min
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Simon Banks

Manchester is known as a thriving city with a sweeping skyline, world-class restaurants and legendary nightlife. But did you also know that it has its fair share of lush green spaces? If you’re living in Manchester and are looking for a nice park to go for a scenic stroll now that the weather’s much nicer, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s our list of the 11 best parks in Manchester.  

1) Wythenshawe Park

Located in South Manchester, Wythenshawe Park covers 109 acres and offers nature lovers plenty of space to explore. It’s also steeped in history with three listed buildings found within the grounds, including Wythenshawe Hall. The hall hosts regular events focusing on the history of the house and its surrounding areas. 

2) All Saints Gardens

While Manchester City Centre is more commonly associated with noise, shops and buildings, All Saints Gardens offers a tranquil escape and is surrounded by Manchester Metropolitan University on three sides. It’s full of character and a great place to take a breather from the regular buzz of Manchester life. 

3) Haigh Woodland Park

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a park with a brewery in the courtyard, chocolatier, baker, and ice cream maker. Unless you take a trip to Haigh Woodland Park, that is. Stroll through the woodland, relax down by the canal, play some golf or zip through the treetops, and that’s before you even get to experience all the delicious treats on offer at the chocolatier, bakery and brewery. 

4) Prestwich Forest Park

Philips Park, Drinkwater Park, Waterdale and Prestwich form Prestwich Forest Park, which is set in 200 acres of woodlands. Get back to rugged nature in these heavily wooded parks and spend a day away from the noise of Manchester. You may even find the remains of buildings, walls and canals hidden away in certain sections of the park. 

5) Chorlton Water Park 

Head to Chorlton Water Park and enjoy Manchester’s first designated nature reserve. It’s one of the most popular spots in the Mersey Valley and is set around a central lake with paths that lead into woodlands. There are more than 170 acres to discover, including fishing spots and water-sports like canoeing, windsurfing and sailing. 

6) Longford Park

The largest municipal park in the borough of Trafford, Longford Park covers 54 acres and is known for the many events it covers throughout the year. One of these is the annual Stretford Pageant, which was first held in 1919. But you can also go for the tennis courts, bowling greens and gardens. 

7) Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens

Part plant showcase, part wildlife and part recreational facility, Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens is known for its beauty and features several unique varieties of plant life. The gardens are named after Mr Fletcher Moss, which donated the park’s grounds to the city. 

8) Walton Park

Located in nearby Sale, Walton Park covers 12.5 acres and features scenic grass areas ideal for a stroll. There’s also flowerbeds, shrubs and mature trees to admire while you’re out on your walk. And if you’re a sports fan, you can make use of the four tennis courts and bowling greens. 

9) Beech Road Park

Take some time to chill-out at Beech Road Park, a small and pretty green space where you can enjoy a scenic stroll no matter the weather. There’s a children’s play area for the little ones and a multi-use games area. During the summer, the park hosts the Beech Road Festival. 

10) Philips Park

This charming green space is heavily influenced by the 19th century, with many features remaining to this day. The River Medlock also runs through the park, and visitors can enjoy formal gardens, a bowling green and a community orchid. Philips Park is a Grade II listed. 

11) Cotton Field Park

Set in the heart of New Islington, Cotton Field Park is a new eco-park that uses nature within an urban environment. It features a new body of water, a boardwalk, and an urban beach and distinctive islands. There’s also an orchard island and an increasing amount of wildlife finding its way to the park. 

The best parks in Manchester

All great cities have amazing parks, whether it’s London, Manchester or one of the other fantastic UK areas. And when it comes to finding some serene green in Manchester, you’ll have plenty of open spaces to choose from in a city that really does offer a little bit of everything. 

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