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The Best Summer Pop Ups in London

22 May 2018 Simon Banks Read time: 4 min
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Simon Banks

The summer is here! That means longer days, warm weather (well, a spot of warm weather here and there. This is London, after all), and plenty of activities. The capital is a special place all-year round, but it really comes to life during the summer months.

The whole city is buzzing between May and September. And there is always something to do, whether visiting attractions, lazing in the park, finding the alternative side of the capital, or venturing to the latest pop up.

Pop-up venues have become all the rage over the last few years. From restaurants to cinemas, there seems to be a pop up to fit even the most discerning requirement. But with them becoming so frequent in the capital, how do you know which ones are the best to visit?

Well, don’t you worry, because we’ve put together a selection of the best pop-up venues to visit over the next few months. Read on and get poppin’ to the best summer pop ups in London.

Pop-up bars

Hip Hop Brunch LDN, Various
A night at of people partying at Hip Hop brunch

Brunch and hip-hop are two things that work perfectly well on their own. Combine them together, however, and you might just have the best event ever. As well as tasty food, there is hip-hop karaoke, bottomless cocktails and lots of shaking and dancing.

Website: www.hiphopbrunchldn.com

Pitch Stratford, Stratford


Layout of Pitch Stratford Photo credit: www.tagvenue.com


There are an array of events poppin’ off at Pitch Stratford, from a Spice Girls themed day to a RnB day/night party. Set in an urban garden, the venue offers relaxed vibes, street food, a bar, and an open-air setting in a weather proofed venue (not a bad idea in London).

Interested in living Stratford? Take a look at our E15 area guide and then head over and see the latest rental properties.

Website: www.pitchstratford.com

The Espresso Martini Society, Soho


Image of a martini Photo credit: thenudge.com


For six weeks until the 27th of May, the Espresso Martini Society will be in town. Set in Soho, the venue will be open Thursday to Saturday, serving the largest selection of Espresso Martini variations in the world. Be prepared for a menu of more than 20 concoctions of one of the world’s most popular martinis.

Website: www.thebonsinexperiment.com

Pop-up restaurants

The BBQ Club, Waterloo


Exterior of BBQ Club Photo credit: www.designmynight.com


Celebrating its second summer on the Southbank, The BBQ Club is back with a bang - and some tasty ribs. Those attending can even grill their own dishes alongside the resident chef with their own BBQ built into the tables. Oh, and of course, there are scenei views of the River Thames to take in while you chow down on some top-notch BBQ.

Website: thebbqclub.com

Pan Putney Pop Up


Logo of Pan Putney Photo credit: www.designmynight.com


Brazilian, Scandinavian and British might not be three cultures that seamlessly fit together -  at least not when it comes to cuisine. You can expect to find dishes reflecting these three countries under the railway arches on the river bank at Pan Putney.

Website: pan-putney-pop-up

Imad’s Syrian Kitchen x Choose Love


Imad in a "Choose Love" t shirt Photo credit: www.timeout.com


Chef Imad Alarnab has setup this pop-up kitchen, serving traditional three-course  Syrian cuisine. Not only is there delicious food, but the all profits made from the pop up go to Hope Hospital, a hospital that saves thousands of lives in the Aleppo region of Syria.

Website: imads-syrian-kitchen-choose-love

Pop-up cinemas

Secret Cinema Presents: Blade Runner


Blade Runner at Secret Cinema Photo credit: www.screendaily.com


Secret Cinema has been a popular attraction in London for a while now, and it’s back with a screening of Blade Runner: The Final Cut. Watching the film isn’t enough. Expect to find a truly immersive experience that places you at the heart of one of Ridley Scott’s most celebrated films.

Website: tickets.secretcinema.org

The Exhibit Cinema


Interior of the Exhibit Cinema Photo credit: natashaatlas.com


One of London’s smallest independent cinemas, Exhibit is a boutique space with leather sofas and an intimate atmosphere. Dinner and a movie is £19.95 - perfect for a date night - while movies come in the form of latest releases and all-time classics.

Website:  theexhibit.co.uk

Nomad Cinema


People watching a movie at the Nomad Cineam Photo credit: http://london.lecool.com/


The Nomad Cinema pop-ups in a variety of locations, both indoors and outdoors. The range of movies is just as eclectic as its locations; June includes Four Weddings and Funeral, while July features Blade Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and September will show The Goonies.  

Website:  www.whereisthenomad.com

Pop-up extras

An Evening of Meat


Performers from An Evening of Meat Photo credit: http://www.scmp.com/


Fancy being a part of performance art while you chow down on your dinner, which also become part of the act?  Kate March, the American director, provides an all-female cast that use the dining tables you are eating on as part of the stage. Expressive dance meets dining in this weird and wonderful experience.

Website: an-evening-of-meat

Dead Man’s Hand


Illustration of Dead Man's Hand logo Photo credit: ianrussellart.com


If bars, restaurants, cinemas and a wacky performance art/dinner hybrid doesn’t do it for you, get ready for a high-stakes poker game brought to real life. You will arrive at Spitalfields Market, alongside hand-picked detectives, and find yourself tasked with solving a murder mystery. Oh, there’s alcohol involved too - for those that work better after a couple.

Website: dead-mans-hand

Bingo Academy
People celebrating at the Bingo Academy

Come on, deep down, who doesn’t love a spot of bingo? Still, if you’re not exactly a traditional pro, the Bingo Academy is a bootcamp place where even the most novice player can hope for the chance to stand up, excitement in full tact, and scream “BINGOOOOO”.

Website: www.bingo-academy.com

Get poppin’

London’s position as one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the world means many different pop ups clamour to host a space in the capital. Whether you’re looking for something low-key, wacky and weird, or just a place to enjoy good company, there is sure to be an option for you.

What do you think of these pop ups? We’d love to hear some of your experiences at pop-up venues. Sound off in the comments below, and let us know your favourite pop-up experiences.

Main image credit: http://www.londonpopups.com/

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