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Pet Friendly Areas in London

19 February 2019 Simon Banks Read time: 3 min
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Simon Banks

If you’re looking to ramp the Awwwwwwwwwww-O-Meter or want a video to go viral, all you have to do is film a baby or animal doing something cute. It’s an instant win. Everyone loves babies and animals, though if we were to hedge our bets, we think animals would win in a “who’s cutest” content.

Almost half of the UK population owns a pet which, if anything, indicates the strength of this country's love affair with animals. In London alone, there are 1.1 dogs per household. Despite the capital being one of the busiest, most built-up cities in the world, it still manages to be a pet-friendly place.

The number of pet-related amenities is on the rise, as detailed in our best blogs for pet owners article, and there is no shortage of parks: London’s love of pets is evident for all to see. Which is why we thought that it would be a good idea to put together a list of pet-friendly areas for those currently living in the capital, as well as people who are thinking of moving to London their little furry friend.

Hampstead, NW3

Pet friendly areas in London

Let’s start with one of London’s most sought after postcodes. Hampstead is more akin to a local village than your usual big-city area. Cobbled streets, boutique shops, quaint cafes and local patisseries provide NW3 with plenty of charm.

It's also one of the most pet-friendly neighbourhoods in London. Hampstead Heath’s 780 acres is the ideal spot for taking your dog for a scenic stroll, and don’t be surprised to see lots of people with their pets in the local pubs.

Living in Hampstead doesn’t come cheap, however. A one-bedroom property averages £1,850 per month, a two-bedroom home will set you back £3,180, and a three-bedroom property averages in the region of £5,000. Still, little Rover deserves only the best, doesn’t he?

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Greenwich, SE10

Pet friendly areas in London

If you think that Hampstead is a little too pricey, why not head over to southeast London, where you will find Greenwich. Greenwich Park is one of the largest single green spaces in London, which makes it ideal for dog walking. The Blue Cross animal charity even voted the park as one of the top dog walks in the capital.

There are plenty of pet-friendly places too, such as the Pavilion Tea Rooms. Aside from pet activities, Greenwich offers convenient travel links into the centre of London so that you can get about easily with or without your four-legged companion.

One-bedroom properties in Greenwich average £1,350 per month, two-bedroom homes achieve in the region of £1,680, and three-beds-and-up range between £2,460 and £3,585.

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Bethnal Green, E2

Pet friendly areas in London

The East London area of Bethnal Green contains plenty of love for animals. Dogs often get the most affection when it comes to amenities for pets, but Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium is repping for our feline friends as an exclusive cat cafe.

The local Snappy Snaps also does professional pet photography, just in case you fancied your Corgi as a Britain's Next Top Dog Model. The pet love doesn’t stop there, though: the Metro recently rated The Camel pub in Bethnal Green as the most pet-friendly place in the world. Quite the statement!

One-bedroom properties in Bethnal Green average £1,690 per month, two beds achieve in the region of £2,210, and homes with three or more bedroom range from between £3,320 to £3,560.

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Dulwich, SE21

Pet friendly areas in London

Some refer to Dulwich as South London’s very own version of Hampstead. There are certainly comparisons to draw: a village-like vibe in Dulwich Village, Dulwich Woods gives Hampstead Heath a run for its money, and both areas share a fondness for pets.

Whether it’s Dulwich Village, East Dulwich or West Dulwich, there are plenty of open spaces to take your pet for a stroll, with Dulwich Park and Belair Park both attractive options. Most of the local pubs are pet-friendly, and there is even a stable in the area - just in case the idea of owning a horse appeals.

A one-bedroom property costs around £1,250 per month in Dulwich, two beds fetch in the region of £1,500 monthly, and three bedroom homes go for £2,100 per month.

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Victoria, SW1

Pet friendly areas in London

You wouldn’t necessarily associate Victoria with being a particularly pet-friendly place, what with it having one of the busiest transport stations in London and being built up. But dig a little deeper, and you will find an area that is more than accommodating to animals.

Nearby Pimlico has quaint little squares that are ideal for walking your dog, while M Bar and Grill in Victoria is dog-friendly and goes as far as letting them sit with their owners during meal time. They even get their own water bowl and little pet grub.

Expect to pay anywhere between £1,800 and £2,500 per month for one bedroom property. Two-bedroom homes can be sourced for around £2,500, though anything north of £3,000 is a more realist price. Three-bed properties tend to start around £3,500.

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You, me and Felix

Are you looking for a pet-friendly place? Fear not, as the Movebubble app has a filter where you can specifically search for properties that welcome pets. Download the app, and find your pet-friendly home.

Are there any areas that we missed on from the list? Which London neighbourhoods do you think are great for pets? Let us know in the comments below.

For more information on other great areas to live in London, check out our other guides.


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