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The most glamorous rental properties in London

11 August 2017 Simon Banks Read time: 4 min
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Simon Banks

Despite welcomed reports that rental prices in London have dropped by £100 per month in the last year, the capital is still an expensive city to reside in. Monthly rent, council tax, utilities and the general cost of living in the city all add up, which means that sometimes we have to compromise on the type of property we choose to call our home, despite our desires to live somewhere glamorous.

Let’s, for one moment, pretend that money is no obstacle, and everyone has magically pocketed a small fortune, meaning the type of property we choose to live in is based solely on taste, rather than finance.

Where do you live?

Movebubble is in an indulgent mood today, which means we’re bringing you the most stylish and sought-after properties to rent in the capital. Some of these are insanely expensive, while others aren’t quite as costly but have caught our eye because they have a degree of charm. One thing is for sure: they all offer a high level of living.

Read on and find out more about the most glamorous properties in London.

One Hyde Park, Knightsbridge, SW1


Living room with chairs and table in One Hyde Park Photo credit: Daily Mail


It’s not surprising that one of the swankiest rental properties available in London can be found at the Hyde Park end of Knightsbridge. One Hyde Park isn’t your typical residential development. In fact, a penthouse apartment here will set you back a whopping £45,000 per week. That’s right, forty five big ones.

But what do you get for calling such a high-end property your home? Well, there five bedrooms and bathrooms to start with, plus five reception rooms (a different one for each week day?) and panoramic views of the capital. Oh, and bullet proof windows because, well, why not?

So, to sum that up, if you want to call One Hyde Park your home, be prepared to lay down £2.3m per year in rental change. Of course, there are other properties in Knightsbridge which are still rather costly but nowhere near the exuberant prices of One Hyde Park.

Park Lane penthouse, W1


Photo credit: JK Apartments


So you thought it couldn’t get any more expensive than £45,000 per week, right? Think again. There’s a penthouse on Park Lane which will see your bank account £60,000 lighter each week. That’s £3.1m per year. Imagine being the agent who’s behind that deal? The word ‘ch-ching’ comes to mind.

Anyway, enough about agents brokering deals. What does paying just over three-million smackeroonies get you at the Grosvenor House Suites on Park Lane? Quite a bit more than One Hyde Park, to be fair.

For starters, you get to drive an Aston Martin, or presumably, someone drives it for you. After all, insanely rich people obviously don’t drive themselves. Which brings us onto the other perk that is included in the monthly rental for this property: your own butler. However, we can’t confirm if he’s called Jeeves. Still, with all that money you’ve got, you could just pay him to change his name. It’s the little things that count.

Some more realistically priced properties in W1, perhaps? Check them out here.

West Heath Road, Hampstead, NW3
Large house with driveway and gate

This six-bedroom detached house is somewhat of a bargain compared to the previous properties on the list; it’s only £19,500 per month. That’s basically small change. And it’s currently featured on our property search page, too.

With six bedrooms ranging over three floors, a decked terrace, off street parking and, erm, double glazing, this property would be ideal for a family or a single person who really values their space. It’s located in the heart of Hampstead where there are reasonably priced properties, too, but you didn’t come here to be reasonable, did you?

Hampstead itself offers a lifestyle of luxury with its cobbled streets, village feel, boutique shops, gastropubs, and delightful restaurants, so it’s hardly a shock to see top-of-the-range property in the area.

Bathgate Road, Wimbledon, SW19
Swimming pool in a property on Bathgate Road

What’s this? A property for only £15,000 per month. Have we entered bargain basement territory? Well, not quite in terms of general rental prices, but this six-bedroom house in the popular area of Wimbledon is the cheapest property on our list.

It will still set you back just over £750,000 a year, but that's small change to someone with bottomless pockets. The kitchen is a plus point in this plush pad, and anyone who moves here will be making up excuses just so they can host. The walk-in wardrobe and swimming pool aren't too shabby, either. 

During the summer, you’ll be near the heart of the action when the annual Wimbledon tennis tournament takes place, and for the rest of the year you will just have to make do with the boutique shops, green spaces and generally pleasing aesthetics of Wimbledon.

Search the rest of our Wimbledon properties.

The Knightsbridge, Knightsbridge, SW7


Front room at The Knightsbridge development Photo credit: www.emblemfurniture.co.uk


Back to Knightsbridge now, where we take you to The Knightsbridge, a luxury residential development in the SW7 postcode. Expect to pay around £25,000 per week for a high-end property in this development, which works out at £1.3m per year.

The apartments feature pleasant views of the capital, high-end amenities and a grand piano so you can break out your party tunes when you entertain in your lush surroundings. There’s also a spa, private gardens and 24-hour concierge willing to go above and beyond at the development.

With high-end shops like Harrods and Harvey Nichols, two of the world’s most famous department stores; fine dining in the form of Michelin star restaurants; Hyde Park and all its amenities just moments away; and a selection of designer boutiques, it’s not hard to see why SW7 is one of the most exclusive postcodes in the UK.

Take your pick

So, there you have it: a selection of London’s finest rental properties. If you had a limitless budget, which one would you choose? Or perhaps you’ve seen something even more extravagant than the properties on show. Round off in the comments below with your thoughts.

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