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How to Hang Pictures in Your Home Without the Nails

23 February 2021 Simon Banks Read time: 2 min
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Simon Banks

Feel like adding some colour and style to your home, shaking things up a bit in the process? For many renters, adding a few pictures here and there can make a big difference to the overall look and feel of their place. Yet, there's just one problem: the dreaded nails. 

Whether you're buying the latest prints from Ikea or you somehow managed to snag yourself a Picasso, hanging pictures on your wall is tricky when they require a hammer and nails. But what's the answer? Do you go DIY crazy and face the consequences? Or forgo the idea altogether and live a life with bland walls? 

Fortunately, it doesn't have to be either-or, and there are ways you can still hang a piece of art on your wall without causing any damage. So put the hammer and nails away and read on to discover how to hang pictures in your home. 

First thing's first: talk to your landlord

Before you come up with ways to hang pictures without nails, it might be worth asking your landlord for permission. While most rental agreements won't allow things like hammering nails into the wall, some landlords can be flexible, especially if you're a long-term renter in the property. 


It may be a case of the landlord being happy to let you hammer nails into the wall for pictures as long as everything is in good condition when you leave move out. That would mean leaving the property in the same condition as when you first moved in and filling the holes from the nails so it matches the inventory report minus fair wear and tear. 

The best options for hanging pictures without nails


Ok, so getting permission from the landlord is a long shot and finding an alternative is probably the better option. The good news is that you can still hang some artsy pictures on your walls without going hammer time on the property. 

No more nails

Using No More Nails On A Roll gives you strong and reliable instant bonding on flat surfaces. The sticky tape applies to the wall and doesn't leave any permanent damage, removing much of the hassle involved with hanging pictures. 

Command Strips

We reckon you've heard of Command Strips before, and if you haven't, it's time to get excited. Available in different sizes, Command Strips connect through the velcro and stick to the back of the picture and the wall. They can hold up to seven kilograms, meaning you've got quite a bit of flexibility when it comes to the weight of your pictures. 

Gorilla Glue Mounting Square

If you don't fancy using Command Strips, there are several other options on the market including Gorilla Glue Mounting Squares. Not to be confused with the actual glue itself (that's a disaster waiting to happen), the Gorilla Glue Mounting Squares are double-sided and perfect for hanging your fancy wall art. 

The perfect picture-hanging solution

Gone are the days when you couldn't hang your pictures on your wall, thanks to easy-to-use solutions. You can set them up in seconds, whether you're going for Command Strips, No More Nails on a Roll or other options. And, most importantly, you get to enjoy a stylish home with as many pictures as you want.

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