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Experiences Of Renting A Home Online

21 October 2020 Jodie Cartmer Read time: 2 min
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Jodie Cartmer

Here at Movebubble we are driven to make renting better by creating the world’s best online rental experience that removes all the hassle and stress from moving. Our renters are at the heart of everything we do and so we took the opportunity recently to speak with some of them to find out about their experiences of renting a home online.

We spoke to a renter named Matt who completed his rental journey in the app for the very first time and moved into a Movebubble ONE home 🏡 

Here is his personal account of moving with Movebubble!  

Renter Profile

Name: Matt

Age: 28

Occupation: UX Designer

Location: Manchester

What led you to completing your reservation and renting your home online with Movebubble?

The process looked super easy and I saw some really nice homes on Movebubble compared to other search apps, especially in the Movebubble ONE section. The homes are really great there, they all come fully furnished, with access to things like a gym and social spaces and are mostly all brand new.

What was your reason for moving?

I wanted to move to be closer to my workplace. We have gone back to work now and I had moved out during the lockdown to be out of the city.

How often do you tend to move?

I have lived out of home for the past 5-6 years but I try not to move often as moving is usually a painful process. I moved back to my parents home during the height of the pandemic but as things started to open back up, I wanted my own space back again. 

When you paid your holding deposit in the app, what did you understand about it?

The deposit goes towards the first months’ rent and that if my reservation was declined or I didn't like the home and didn’t move in, then my money would be refunded by Movebubble. 

How did you discover Movebubble?

I saw it advertised on Instagram and thought it looked really cool so I clicked the link which took me to download the app.

What would you say you liked the most about your experience in the app? 

The app is really simple to use and is a one-stop-shop for everything I needed. I was able to chat to the agent who answered some of my initial questions, pay the holding deposit and do my affordability checks all inside the app. I loved that I was able to do all my viewings there too with Walkthroughs and not have to rush home or take time out from work to see every property I was interested in. 

I also really liked that Movebubble offered a guarantee that you would not lose your money if something went wrong! 

What do you love most about your new home? 

The furnishings are really stylish and it has everything I need! I’m in a building with an on-site gym, a pool, rooftop space and 24 hour concierge which is great.

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your experience of renting a home on Movebubble? 

Definitely at least a 9! The process was really smooth. This was my first time going through renting a home completely online but i’d like to say that i'm a convert! And with everything going on in the world right now, I can’t see why you would rent a home any other way. 

Looking for a new home? 

If you’re thinking about moving right now, things have certainly been made tough. With restrictions constantly changing and market uncertainty throughout the country, it's hard to plan ahead!  

With 1000’s of Walkthroughs available to view in the app, the ability to pay your deposit and secure your home instantly online with the confidence of a guaranteed refund if you don’t move in, Movebubble is the place to go to make your renting experience as smooth as possible 🙌



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