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Am I Still Able to Rent a Property?

13 May 2020 Simon Banks Read time: 3 min
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Simon Banks

Another day, another lockdown as the UK once again battens down the hatches in an effort to reduce the spread of Covid. Entering our third national lockdown, you'd think we'd all be used to the rules about what we can and can't do by now.

Yet, keeping up with the latest advice is anything but straightforward. Fortunately, it's good news if you're thinking about moving home in this current lockdown. The property market is up and running, with people still allowed to find their next place.

Needs must, and if you're moving home during lockdown, there are plenty of options available, including using Movebubble to search, find and secure your new home without even leaving the comforts of your couch. 

We've put this guide together to update you on everything there is to know about moving in Lockdown 3. 

Is the rental market still open? 

The good news is that you can still move home during lockdown and the property market is open for business. It's one of the few industries that hasn't been forced to close, with the government recognising the need for people to move home. Therefore, the process of renting a home is mostly the same as it was previously, albeit with a few minor tweaks.

Removal men moving boxes

If, for example, you attend physical viewings, you'll need to keep two meters apart from people who aren't part of your household. It's also compulsory to wear a mask while on property viewings. There's also the option of video walkthroughs if you don't want to attend a physical viewing...

Virtual viewings

Social distancing means some renters may wish to avoid physical viewings. There's also plenty of people who simply prefer the convenience of viewing a home via a video walkthrough.

All the properties on Movebubble feature a Walkthrough, which gives you an unfiltered and personal tour around a home. You can watch Walkthroughs as many times as you like and see things like social spaces in the building if it's a Build-to-Rent home.

Video walkthroughs offer a smarter way to view properties and remove any risk of catching the virus. Plus, Movebubble's Walkthroughs let you see what it's really like to live somewhere. 

Secure your home from your sofa

Not only can you view new homes via Walkthroughs with Movebubble, but you can also secure the property before anyone else using our Instant Booking feature. 

Movebubble instant booking

Being able to transact online adds to the one-stop convenience of having everything easily available in one place. It also speeds up the process during lockdown, giving you complete control of your move without needing to get up from your sofa. 

Once you've found a place you love, you'll pay the holding deposit for the property and we'll get the ball rolling with the letting agent. And if for any reason you don't move into the home, we'll refund your deposit with no fuss. 

Digital paperwork

Most rental processes take place online now, so this part of renting shouldn’t change too much. You’ll need to go through referencing and credit checks before signing the AST (assured shorthold tenancy), all of which can be done online with tools like e-sign.

Digital paperwork replacing physical contract signing

The only significant difference is Right to Rent. Before, renters were required to prove they can legally rent in the UK by physically providing their documents. Right to Rent has now been temporarily adjusted, with checks taking place via video calls and renters sending scanned documents digitally.

Moving day

Agreeing on a rental and going through documentation is just one side of things. The other aspect involves the actuality of moving. Fortunately, it’s still possible to hire moving vans — either with removal people or do-it-yourself options like Zip Van.

It’s important to adhere to all social distancing guidelines during the removal process. This includes anyone who is helping you move home. Many removal companies are busier than usual as they are operating with fewer employees.

Welcome mat for new home

The result is less supply, so try and get ahead of things by preparing for your move and booking a van as early as possible. And, where possible, only move with the people in your new household. Though we understand that’s not always possible.

Stay safe and keep it moving

If you need to move home during the lockdown, take comfort in the fact that it’s still possible to do so. You should be able to enjoy moving into your new place, even if the circumstances aren’t ideal. And Movebubble makes it easy to move, letting you rent your next home instantly, online. 

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