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Aidan Rushby

Aidan Rushby
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Why We Launched Instant Booking

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, we already knew from our 700,000 strong user base that renters wanted a simpler and more convenient way to
3 Read time by Aidan Rushby
About Us Blog

Movebubble Values & What They Mean

When I started thinking about our Movebubble values and why we chose the ones we did, I thought deeply about the principles that I live
5 Read time by Aidan Rushby

Are Video Viewings just a fad or here to stay?

Going back to our annual retreat in October 2019, we were discussing growing demand we had noticed in renters not wanting to physically
3 Read time by Aidan Rushby

How to survive lockdown, 10 tips to keep you sane in your home!

Last week, I asked the team… “what are you doing to survive lockdown?” I was keen to see what creative ideas everyone had come up with
5 Read time by Aidan Rushby
Renting Advice

London Rental Report: Updated June 2018

Latest Update: June 2018 Many renters have requested some insights about the average rental prices across the Capital's different areas,
13 Read time by Aidan Rushby
Fed Up of Endless Viewings
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