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How acasa Makes it Easy for Students to Rent in London

3 April 2019 Amy McKechnie Read time: 3 min
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Amy McKechnie

Student renting in London

As a student, moving to a new city is daunting—especially when it’s also the capital. What’s more, house prices are sky-high in London and the property market itself is a beast all of its own. Moving from house to house as a student is tough, and the added pressure of moving to London can make the entire process that bit more stressful.

If you’re a student looking to rent in London (or are already doing so) then read on to find out all the tips and tricks to an easier, stress-free experience.

Shop around—but quickly!

With accommodation in London coming at such a hefty price, with the average sale price at £620,000 and the average rental at £665.87 per week, it’s important to make sure that you shop around for something that you’re going to be happy with. If you’re spending a considerable amount of your monthly budget on your bedroom, then you want to make sure you’re 100% content living there!



Although it’s definitely important to shop around for your city-pad, you also need to act quickly. As more and more students and young professionals flood to the big city for career opportunities, the competition for affordable accommodation has inevitably also heightened. We aren’t joking when we say that houses go on and off the London rental market in a matter of hours. As such, when you find a place you like the look of, make sure you view it and register interest as soon as possible.

Share with friends

If you’re considering sharing, it’s worth doing it with friends or fellow students. Moving to a big city can be daunting, but if you’re living with students who are in the same situation, then it will make the whole experience much more enjoyable and much less lonely!



What’s more, if you rent as a group, you can often get quite a good deal. Houses are generally rented out as a whole, but once you divide the cost between you and your housemates, it can end up working out comparably cheap.

Get Movebubble

If you’re on the lookout for accommodation for your next academic year, then use Movebubble. With Movebubble, you can find your dream rental through your mobile or smart device! View the results that match your area and budget, send messages and get replies the same day!


Get acasa

Track your bills

Once you’ve found your dream rental, you’ll need to set up your house bills. If you’re living with other people, whether they be your good friends or people you hadn’t met until moving in, then you can make living together much more enjoyable with acasa. acasa is a home finance management app designed with students in mind. With acasa, you can record, track, manage and pay your household bills, from house utilities to flat socials - at no extra cost.


Remove the stress

With acasa, you take away the stress that comes with moving in and out of any home. Worried about setting up, managing and closing utilities accounts every time you move? Don’t. If you download the acasa app to your smartphone, you can do all of this at the touch of a button and it takes minutes to set up.


Set up utilities

You can even set up your utility providers with acasa. Gone are the days of calling companies and filling in the online forms, with acasa you can do it all on your phone! Simply enter some details about your house type, location and number of housemates, and acasa will provide you with competitive, environmentally conscious providers! Once a month we will divide everything equally so not one person has to front all the money!


Save money

On average, acasa can help save you up to £200 on your utilities. acasa looks for the best deals out there so that you don’t have to. On average, you spend around 8 days a year sorting out the household bills, but acasa can help to significantly reduce this and wont ever change you for their services.



If you’re a student renting in London then you should be using acasa—it only takes three minutes to set up and there’s no added costs so there’s no excuse not to! Not only does this clever app allow you to save valuable time managing your household bills, it can also link everything up with your landlord or agent!


acasa makes streamlining your payments easy. If your landlord chooses to download acasa, rent payments, repair costs and more are all digitised in one place for everyone to see. The result—clear, fair, more efficient communication. This transparent home management system allows you to harmoniously move in, live and move on, without the hassle.




Renting in London has a reputation for being more difficult in comparison to other parts of the country. However, this doesn’t have to be the case! With acasa’s tips under your belt, you’ll help to make the experience as stress-free and, more importantly, exciting as possible!

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