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A Guide to Sorting out Broadband as a Renter

7 June 2021 Simon Banks Read time: 2 min
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Simon Banks

The internet. It's become pretty important. We only use it for EVERYTHING. So it makes sense that renters should have a broadband connection high up on their list of priorities before moving into their new home. 

Before you can start enjoying the world wide web, though, first you will need to organise your set up. But what exactly is required? Do you pay for it, does the landlord cover the costs, and how do you get a connection set up? 

Who pays for broadband?

We've covered who pays for broadband in more depth here. But if you're looking for a summary, the answer is "it depends". In most cases the renter is required to set up and pay for broadband. 

However, there may be some scenarios where the landlord bundles the bills with the rent, including broadband. That's why you should always check your AST before signing it to see what's included in your monthly rental price. Now, let's get onto the good stuff and how you can sort out broadband in your new place. 

How to find the right broadband deal

The broadband deal you get depends on many factors, including the providers and speeds available in your local area. Not all broadband deals are available in all postcodes, so you need to see what's on offer in your neighbourhood before getting too carried away about cheap deals with blistering speeds. 

One of the best ways to check what's available involves using comparison websites. There are plenty of options available, and you can simply pop in your postcode and see the speeds and providers who operate in your area. 

Choosing the best speed

Ok, so we got a bit carried away about speeds before, but not everything is about the speed of your internet connection. There's no point getting more than you need, as you'll end up paying higher monthly charges. 

A standard broadband connection of 17mbps should be enough for most people who just want to browse, check their emails and watch a few videos. Netflix, for example, recommends that you have a connection of just 5mbps. 

There's also no need to pay for unlimited data if you aren't running multiple devices and don't want to do lots of uploading and downloading. These extras are unnecessary if you're using the internet for basic functions. 

When should I ramp up the speed? 

If you're working from home (which is a high possibility these days), or if you stream a lot and play games online, then you might want to look into getting fibre-optic broadband. You'll have speeds of 60mbps-plus. And, in some cases, as high as 300mbps. 

How can I save money on broadband deals?

Many providers offer combination bundles that include broadband along with a phone line and, in some cases, a TV package. Opting for these deals can prove more cost efficient if you want to make use of the providers' other services. 

Even if you just want broadband, most services offer sign-up deals, such as half price for the first six months. However, you will likely need to commit to a 12, 18 or 24-month contract and tie yourself in for the longer term.  

Making sure your home is broadband ready

Before you move in, ask the landlord or letting agent where the broadband access point is located and if it's in working order. It's reasonable to expect a working access point when you move in, but there are some occasions where the line may need fixing by OpenReach, who operate most of the broadband infrastructure in the UK. 

If, in the unlikely event that your new home doesn't have a phone line, and the landlord won't agree to install one, you can go for an internet connection that works off 3G, 4G or 5G. That means you won't need a phone line installed in the property. 

Broadband at the read

Having an internet connection is a key requirement for most renters, and with our guide you can ensure that you get the right broadband for your place. So you can enjoy browsing the web in the comforts of your own home. 

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