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6 Things You Should Know About Build-to-Rent

16 August 2021 Simon Banks Read time: 3 min
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Simon Banks

There’s somewhat of a revolution happening in the rental market, and it’s being powered by homes designed for renters. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with traditional rental homes, but living in a Build-to-Rent community means embracing a life catered to the needs of the modern-day renter. It might be a new concept to you, but Build-to-Rent has been around for just over five years now. So here are 6 things you should know about one of the most exciting ways to rent a home in the UK. 

1) Exclusive for renters

Ever wanted to feel like a VIP? In a Build-to-Rent community, you can expect the five-star treatment with homes designed exclusively for renters. That’s right – Build-to-Rent spaces are only available to rent, which means you live with other renters just like you. 

So what’s the benefit of living in a place where only renters reside? Everything is catered towards you, for starters. There are social spaces (more on that in a bit), and on-site teams are on hand to make your living experience better – something you won’t find in a traditional flat for rent. 

2) Social spaces

Ah, yes – the social spaces. Fancy living in a community where there’s an on-site gym, swimming pool, residents’ lounge, co-working space and various other areas to socialise and get to know your neighbours? If the answer is “yes”, then you’re in luck. 

The overwhelming majority of Build-to-Rent communities offer social spaces for residents. So you can kick it in the games room playing PlayStation one minute and work up a sweat on the spin bike the gym the next. Most Build-to-Rent homes are pet friendly, too, and have areas like grooming stations as well as on-site dog sitters.

3) Flexibility with tenancies

Modern-day renters demand flexibility with their tenancies, and Build-to-Rent spaces are listening. Most communities offer rental contracts for anywhere between six months and three years. Some spaces even allow short-term stays, offering homes for as little as one night. 

It's all about the options, and living in a Build-to-Rent home means there’s no need to tie yourself into a contract you don’t want. Alternatively, you don’t need to worry about the landlord taking the property back in a Build-to-Rent community as it’s run by a professional rental company that only intends to rent out the home.  

4) That flexibility extends to your home, too

Whether you fancy living in a fully furnished apartment or want to bring your own furniture, most Build-to-Rent communities let you have it your way. There’s even the possibility to mix and match, moving into a part-furnished home where you can put your own spin on things. 

Some Build-to-Rent operators also let you decorate the apartment. So if you fancy changing the colour of the walls, adding a lick of paint here and there, you have the option. Build-to-Rent spaces recognise the need to let renters make their apartments feel like home. 

5) On-site management

Waiting too long for maintenance repairs is one of the biggest issues cited by renters. Too often, you find themselves in a scenario where you report a problem to the landlord or managing agent yet have to wait for far too long before it’s fixed.

With build-to-Rent spaces, you don’t need to worry. Everything is usually reported via an app, and you can track the progress of your maintenance requests in real-time. On top of that, most maintenance teams are based onsite in Build-to-Rent communities, meaning you can expect issues around your home to get fixed in no time at all. 

6) Find the best ones on Movebubble

Where do you find the best Build-to-Rent homes? Our app has a wide range of Build-to-Rent properties in London and Manchester, so you can find unique homes designed for renters with ease. Our video walkthroughs allow you to watch a video of the home, and the Instant Booking feature means you can secure your new place with just a few clicks. 

We’ve also got in-depth guides and community reviews that give you the low-down on all things Build-to-Rent. As well as traditional rental properties, our listing features the best Build-to-Rent homes on the market.  

The future of renting

Build-to-Rent is changing the renting dynamic, and an increasing number of renters are moving into homes designed exclusively for them. If you’re on the move and want to live somewhere with modern apartments, social spaces and on-site management, download the Movebubble app and find your next dream home in a Build-to-Rent community. 

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