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50 Questions to Ask Your Next Flatmate

11 January 2021 Simon Banks Read time: 4 min
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Simon Banks

Living with a flatmate can be one of the best experiences you have while renting. You get to know different people, learn some new stuff and hopefully forge long-lasting friendships. There are times, however, where it can all go wrong, and you end up with someone you just don't vibe with. 

Even worse – they could turn into a flatmate from hell, leaving a path of destruction in their wake (or just dirty dishes) and sit in your bedroom staring at you while you sleep. So to avoid any unwelcome scenarios, here are 50 questions to ask your next potential flatmate. 

Questions to ask your flatmate

1) Tell me about your cleaning habits

Because one person's definition of clean can be very different from another's. 

2) Are you a smoker? 

Depending on whether you're a puff, puff pass kind of person or the first sign of smoke makes you throw up a little bit in your mouth; this answer could go either way. 

3) How do you spend your free time? 

Are you looking for a flatmate who reads On the Road by Jack Kerouac in their spare time or someone who likes to par-tay?

4) Do you like cooking (and are you willing to cook for me?)

Ok, the second part of that question is optional.

5) Tell me about your daily routine

This is how you tell whether or not they're a serial killer.

6) Do you still quote the old Budweiser adverts? 

Who doesn't like to reminisce? 

7) What is your time management like with bills? 

Who wants a flatmate who you have to keep reminding to pay the rent? 

8) Do your friends come over often? 

We all have limits... but you do have friends, right?

9) Do you have references?

No proof, no truth. 

10) Do you like pets?

Because if they don't love your pug, are they even human? 

11) Do you have any allergies? 

You don't want to be responsible for your new flatmate breaking out in hives because you added peanuts to the bread cake. 

12) Are you in a relationship? 

And will they end up living here with you?

13) What's your relationship like with your parents?

Because I'm training to be a therapist.

14) Do you have a job? 

Well, they have to pay for the rent one way or another. 

15) How long are you planning to stay?

This isn't a place for casual flatmates

16) Do you like travelling? 

Or, in other words, sometimes I'd quite like the place to myself for a few days.

17) Is this your first time having a flatmate? 

Everyone has to take part in their first rodeo at some stage.

18) What are your pet peeves?

Living in a confined space means it's best to get the stuff that'll irritate you out of the way. 

19) Are you a hot or cold person? 

Everyone argues over the heating temperature – you might as well get it out in the open early. 

20) When do you usually go to bed?

Maybe try and ask this question in a way that doesn't seem like you're their parents. 

21) Do you have a car?

Translation: will you drive me to places so I don't have to get public transport?

22) Tell me your ambitions

Or just what you're planning to do this weekend.

23) How much do you know about renting?

The answer will help you know how much you need to teach them about the process of renting

24) Can we be gym buddies?

Pump that iron.

25) Please don't tell me you want me to be your gym buddy?

Or maybe the couch is your sanctuary? 

26) If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Anyone who answers "invisibility" is a stalker. 

27) How did you resolve living conflicts in your past living situations?

And are you on the run from the police? 

28) How do you feel about social gatherings, pre and post-Covid

Friends from a distance?

29) Are you ok splitting utilities evenly? 

You can end the interview at this point if they say no. 

30) Who's your favourite Marvel character?

You'll want to avoid dressing up as the same person at Halloween parties.

31) Who's your favourite Harry Potter character?

While we're on the subject of favourites.

32) Are you happy meeting the landlord? 

Depending on your renting situation, the landlord may want to meet potential flatmates before they move in.

33) Deliveroo or Uber Eats? 

There can only be one. 

34) Would you call the police if there was a break-in or try and handle the situation yourself?

How do you feel about your new flatmate being John Wick?

35) Apple Music or Spotify?

It's time to sync those playlists.

36) What's your best quality? 

"Please say 'cooking for my flatmates'".

37) What's your worst quality?

"Please don't say 'serial killer'". 

38) Will we be best friends?

We all know the real reason you want a flatmate. 

39) What are your plans for the next six months to a year?

Feel free also to add your dreams and aspirations. 

40) How do you expect to delegate household responsibilities?

Would you like to do all the chores

41) What do you know about security deposits? 

Be prepared to explain how they work. 

42) Tell me about your favourite TV shows?

"Please like Curb Your Enthusiasm". 

43) What are your political allegiances? 

On second thoughts, maybe don't ask this question. 

44) Did you get along with your previous flatmates? 

Are they still alive? 

45) What's your work schedule?

Translation: will we clash over using the bathroom in the morning? 

46) What will you bring to the apartment?

Like, literally, we need a new TV.

47) Are you comfortable reporting maintenance issues to the landlord? 

Share the load. Share the load. 

48) Do you work from home? 

Because when there's no lockdown, do you really want them there the entire time? 

49) Describe yourself in three words? 

We're running out of questions.

50) Anything else I should know?

Maybe they can give you some tips about living in a flatshare.

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