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viewings   |   Mar 17, 2020

Walkthroughs: 1,000 Viewings in Your Pocket

Renters Watching Walkthroughs


Over the past couple of months, here at Movebubble we've been looking to try and solve renter's challenges around going on home viewings. Renters told us that the most painful and the most time-consuming part of the rental journey is the viewings process. And trust us... we've been there! Waiting outside in the rain, re-scheduled viewings, cancellations, booking time off work... the list is endless! But Movebubble are on a mission to create the world's best renting experience, and so the next step is to remove the pain of physical viewings!


Introducing... Walkthroughs 🎬

Movebubble's Video Walkthroughs show renters what it’s really like to live in the property. They'll be created by Movebubble Partners (Letting Agents, Build-to-Rent and Co-Living partners), using their smartphone cameras and the Movebubble Partner App. The big benefit of Movebubble Walkthroughs, is that we enable our partners to easily capture up-to-date, unfiltered video content of the property.

It's super important to us that our renters can see what the home is really like, so they can make an informed decision about whether it's right for them. Once created, Walkthroughs are broadcast on Movebubble, so that renters can view them throughout the time the property is available.

Watch the teaser below...!


How do renters find Walkthroughs on Movebubble? 🤷‍♀️

When you're searching on Movebubble, you'll see clearly on the list of homes which have Walkthroughs you can view. You can then tap into the home to see more information, or go straight to watching the Walkthrough! 

Movebubble Search App with Walkthroughs


Who's presenting the Walkthrough? 🙋‍♂️

On Movebubble, you'll start to see some familiar faces popping up in the Walkthroughs. Some homes will be reviewed by the Movebubble team, and some will be filmed by our partners. On the videos, you'll start to see:

  • The Movebubble Team
  • Letting Agent Partners
  • Build-to-Rent Partners
  • Co-Living Partners


Are Walkthroughs just to see inside the home? 🏡

Nope! If you're checking out one of the beautiful Movebubble ONE homes, you'll also be able to play Walkthroughs of the shared spaces! So you'll get to nose around places such as the Roof Terrace, the Gym, the Cinema Room and much more. We're also considering creating content around the local area of the homes, what do you think? Leave a comment below!

Movebubble Search App Community Walkthroughs


Is there a set format for Walkthroughs? 📱

We’ve been working hard over the past few months to develop an engaging and insightful way of capturing the content. We’ve worked with professional actors, and of course our amazing renters to ensure that Walkthroughs really solve the problems caused by physical viewings. Some key aspects of Movebubble Walkthroughs include:
  • Using only a smartphone camera to ensure the representation is ‘real'
  • No filters, wide angle lenses or manipulation of the videos 
  • Build trust by a real person introducing the property
  • Short video clips ensure the content is digestible, and keeps the attention of the viewer
  • Ensuring the presenter mentions useful insights!
    “This apartment is super quiet” ✅
    “Here is the dishwasher" ❌


Do I still need to go on a physical viewing? 🗓

One huge benefit of Movebubble Walkthroughs, is that the content is updated regularly, and it's super easy to chat to our partners in the app to find out more information. With the Walkthrough, and instant chat, there's no reason for renters to go on a physical viewing 🙌 Watch the Walkthrough, then hit the 'Rent It' button to chat to the partner and finalise any details. 

Movebubble Search App Rent It


I'm a Movebubble Partner, how do I access Walkthroughs? 🙏

We're aiming to release this feature to all Movebubble Partners in just under a month (End April 2020). Any Partners who started their Movebubble subscription before 1st April 2020 will get access to create an unlimited number of Walkthroughs FREE of charge! For Partners who join after this date, there may be an additional charge. 


To get more information on exactly how to create Walkthroughs on Movebubble, download this handy PDF!

What will it look like in the Movebubble app?

What are the benefits for Letting Agent Partners? 💁‍♂️

By creating Walkthroughs on Movebubble, you’re no longer bound by time constraints for physical viewings! Instead of booking a limited number of viewings on a home, you can now let thousands of renters view the property 👍 No more viewing cancellations, and plenty more time to spend winning new landlords, and focussing on your marketing efforts. 

What are the benefits for Build-to-Rent and Co-Living Partners? 💁‍♀️

One of the amazing things about Movebubble ONE communities, is the access to beautiful shared spaces. We know that it’s hard to communicate all those extra perks in a short and concise way, but we think Walkthroughs will change all of that. Renters can really start to get an insight into what it’s like to live in your community, and what will be included in their rent. Why not create some Walkthroughs of recent events that renters can see too? 

If you're a Letting Agent, Build-to-Rent or Co-Living Operator and you'd like to chat to us about getting started with Walkthroughs, click the button below to get in touch.

Get in Touch


When will Walkthroughs be ready? ⏰

We're working on this feature as we speak, with the first launch planned for early April. In the initial launch, renters will be able to discover Walkthroughs created by Movebubble in the app. For the second launch, Partners will be able to start creating their very own Walkthroughs, and this is planned for end of April.

If you'd like more information:
Renters can get in touch by emailing hello@movebubble.com 
Partners can get in touch by emailing partners@movebubble.com 


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