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living in London proptech make renting better how it works rental app   |   Oct 25, 2018

How Movebubble Saves Renters Up to 100 Hours on Their Search

Finding your next rental property can take hundreds of hours: not only you have to browse through thousands of images while trying to figure out which of them are real and which aren’t, but also you need to spend days to get in touch with the letting agents, keep track of all the properties you've enquired for, make phone calls and send tons of emails to get one single reply 🤨

This doesn’t sound right.

Save precious time

Movebubble was built for all the busy renters in London who want to save time on their home hunt ⏳We've been working hard to give you the chance to save hundreds of hours on your home search, so you can continue with your normal activities while looking for your next flat in London - yes, this is possible! With the chat on the app and all the other cool features that Movebubble offers, you won't need any days off to dedicate to your search for your next rental property.

Tip: turn on the notifications on the app for the best experience and to take advantage of all the following features!

Here's what you can do to save 100 hours on your home search. 


CHAT with agents on the app 💬

When you search for your next home to rent on the traditional portals, the furthest you can get is check out photos and send your enquiry via email or phone call. It takes the agents an average of 14 hours to get back to you, and most of the time it's not even obvious that you'll be able to get hold of them at all.

The thing that renters love the most about Movebubble, is the possibility to chat with the letting agents on the app, just as you would do with your friends on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or any other instant messaging service. No need to send tons of emails or make hundreds of calls. Just send your instant message to the letting agents, most of them have the app on their smartphone and will get back to you much quicker than they would to an email! The response time on Movebubble is under 30 minutes on average!



In addition, all our agents are trained to learn what's the best way to interact with renters, and they get quite competitive when it comes to their response time! Did you know that our top agents is get back to renters' enquiries in less than 2 minutes? Check out the fastest agent in your area by typing your postcode on our landlord's portal. 

What I like the most is the option to select if the property is available or not, as many agencies leaves the best properties online so they can get your information to be in their system.
Another that I like is to be able to send text messages to the agents and if you send an email, the email is already in a draft! Which make it really easy to contact them. It will be great to have a place where you can see which properties you have contact. Or send an email to know that you contact somebody.
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Gabrylela – Jun 25, 2018


Get your viewings booked through the app

Getting a viewing booked in through the traditional property portals can take even longer - we've experienced it in the past and aren't willing to do it again... First of all, it can be quite hard to get hold of the letting agents as they're always out and about for other renters' viewings, secondly, they'll need to go back to their office to check their availability on their system before being able to confirm a date and time 😩

The Verified Agents that are working with us have their version of the Movebubble app on their smartphone. This enables them to respond to enquiries quickly and to access plenty of cool features: they can book in viewings in less than a minute in a single tap on their conversation with you! Need to be rescheduled? Let them know and they will change date and time for you within the app! Also, you won't need to set reminders on your calendar - Movebubble will do it for you. 


Get properties suggested to you in the chat

Searching for the perfect property is not so different from swiping to find the perfect date on Tinder ❤️ We train all our agents to be the best they can be and help us with our mission: making renting better. All of our verified agents know that if a renter has enquired about a flat, they’ll expect an answer even if that property is no longer available. That's why we've enabled letting agents to suggest other properties through the chat simply by selecting them from their listing - this trick will save you up to 10 hours!

Let the agents know your requirements when you first get in touch with them, and they’ll be happy to help you find your perfect match 😍


Secure your dream home in just two taps

You've finally found the property of your dreams! There's only one thing you haven't done yet, securing it by paying the holding deposit to the letting agents. You know how it works, right? In a day or two, you'll get this sorted: get your bank account ready, contact the agents via email, receive a long and complex form to fill out, submit it...

Wait! With Movebubble you can secure your property in a couple of taps on the app by sending your holding fee through the property screen on the app. Just select the property of your dreams and tap on "Start My Offer" to select the amount you're willing to pay for it, add your card details and it's all done! Hooray!


Get notifications not to miss out on your favourite properties

On Movebubble, you can add all your favourite properties to your Watchlist ❤️

This will enable you to receive personalised notifications to avoid missing out on the properties you're watching. You’ll know everything about these properties, for example how many other renters are watching them or have sent an enquiry for the same property.

When you see that lots of other renters are interested on the flat of your dreams, make sure to get in touch with the agents quickly! You will know when the best time to enquire about a certain property comes, and you’ll be sent suggestions about other properties that you may like!



Our tip: turn on the notifications for the app as soon as you download it.


Search in multiple areas at the same time

On Movebubble you can look for your dream home in a smarter way. Add all your favourite areas in the search bar and you’ll see results from all of them, which will give you the chance to compare prices and properties to find the one that suits your needs. On the traditional web searches, you have to perform one search at a time, and it's quite time-consuming ⏰



This feature will save you hours and hours of search, and it will give you the chance to compare the property prices and features in the different areas you're interested in.

An amazing app that makes a very stressful and what can be overwhelming task of finding somewhere to rent, simple and easy. Talk to landlords and book viewings straight in the app, get notifications when places come up in your areas and look within multiple different locations at a time. Great customer service and the app for the future for Home renting!
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ hammond123 – Aug 2, 2018


View the properties on the map

The Map view on Movebubble helps you understand how far a property is from the tube station that is relevant to you. Have you ever thought that THAT ONE was the property of your dreams, but then looking for the address on google maps it was way too far from where you need to get to? This won't happen on Movebubble. Select the map view and swipe through the different options to see which one has the best location 🗺

I’ve just started using the App and am beyond impressed! The average pricing advise help and the map feature together with the beautifully selected photos is astonishing.
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ZyGenious – Mar 10, 2018

Learn more about the area before enquiring for a property

We're passionate about London and we've put together guides for almost all the different areas of the city 😉One of the most time-consuming activities to do before renting a property, is looking for the perfect place for your home-to-be. Would you rather live in a central - but noisy - place or in a quite neighbourhood you hadn't considered simply because you've never heard of it? You can save lots of hours by reading our area guides, to make sure that the property you're enquiring for is in an area that you'd love to live in!

Just scroll down to the bottom of the property screen on the app and discover a blog post about the local area, including our recommendations for the best activities to do and restaurants or cafes to try!


See feedback from the community

Other renters’ feedback will guide you to choose the best property and the best agents to chat to. With Movebubble, you can see feedback from our community of renters about the properties advertised - for example, if you're looking to rent an apartment with your furry-friend, you don't need to waste time on properties that other renters have marked with the 'No pets' tag 🐱

community feedback

Also, you can see how many stars agents have been rated before chatting to them, so you can choose the best ones to contact based on their star-rating on the app!


Get in-app support

We’re always here to help you find the best property and make the most out of your experience with the Movebubble app! Chat to our experts through the app at any times, and we’ll get back to you in less than 2 hours to help!


Choose Movebubble to save hundreds of hours ⌚️

Renting doesn’t have to become a full-time job. You can save hundreds of precious hours just by choosing the right portal and by using all the tools that Movebubble provides you with!

At Movebubble, we're collaborating with other services aimed at making renting better! For example, Just Move In helps you move your stuff and set up your utility bills, and this service is free for all Movebubblers. Read more about it here...


Haven’t you tried Movebubble yet? Make sure to download it today to start saving time and contacting agents on the app.
⬇️ Just click on the button below to download it for free ⬇️ 


Leave a comment and share your knowledge with other Movebubblers!

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