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Agent videoing a home

Why Video Viewings are the Future

9 June 2020 Simon Banks Read time: 3 min
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Simon Banks

The impact of Covid-19 on the rental landscape is undeniable. Even as the property market opens up again, we currently have to navigate a “new normal”. One of those norms is social distance viewings, making an already time-consuming process even more complicated.

Don’t get us wrong: if you’re going to do a physical viewing, it’s vital that you maintain social distancing and view a home safely. But there is another way, one that is safe, time-saving and still incredibly immersive.

Video viewings are the future of the property market - and you only need to look at how popular they are with renters, landlords, buyers and sellers to see it. Just in case you still needed some convincing, though, we’ve put this guide together to show why video viewings are all of the awesome.

Video viewings are more straightforward

Physical viewings require effort on everyone’s part, from the agent to the renter to the landlord/current occupant. Arranging times for viewings, rescheduling times and even cancelling an appointment are all familiar themes for those involved with seeing properties.

The process is far from straightforward and needs everyone reading from the same page to work properly. Video viewings, on the other hand, don’t require much effort. You don’t need to check if the property is empty or whether the renters can still make the appointment.

Couple viewing a home via video

In fact, you don’t really have to do anything, other than make the video once. All that’s needed is a quick click from the renter to watch a comprehensive video that shows what it’s actually like to live there. Simplicity is key, especially for modern-day renters who are tech-savvy and embrace processes that are efficient and transparent.

They’re also a time-saver

Everything is just so much simpler with a video viewing. Renters can view the video along with other details on the listings’ page, such as photos, area amenities and property information, and make an informed decision.

Whereas physical viewings require you to go to the property, check with the current occupant that it’s free to view and all that other malarky involved. You know what we’re talking about - you’ve probably done 1,000 viewings.

Not only do video viewings cut down the time it takes to see a home; they can speed up the entire rental process. Especially if a renter decides they want to move into the property straight after seeing it through a video.

And potentially a life-saver

Saving time is all well and good, but safety always comes first. Currently, video viewings have the obvious benefit of being completely virus-proof while physical viewings require several safety measures like social distancing, gloves and masks.

There’s no indication for how long social distancing will last, but it’s not outlandish to suggest we might need to familiarise ourselves with it for the next 12 months. Video viewings have long-term benefits, just in case there was a second-wave, future virus or event that required more time indoors.

They also don’t involve any of the hassle of suiting and booting up in protective gear and making sure viewers adhere to new rules. Renters can see everything they need to with just a few clicks and don’t even need to get dressed. Finding a new home from an old one certainly has an appeal.

Renters can take their time

Couple watching a video viewing of a property

Sometimes physical viewings can be awkward. They last for around 10 minutes, and renters have a quick browse. But they can’t really spend a sustained period of time getting to know the property, especially if there’s already an occupant with their belongings.

Video walkthroughs allow repeat viewings, meaning renters can spend as long as they like reviewing the stylish kitchen with a breakfast bar or looking at the views from the balcony. Having the ability to see everything in the home at their own pace and on their time means they can spend longer getting a feel for the property.

They’re a natural digital transformation

We’ve touched on the digital-savvy renter already, but you can’t understate their importance. In a world where hailing a taxi or opening a bank account takes just a few clicks, the same experience is now expected for other activities -including moving home.

Hands interacting digitally

It’s not solely about speeding up the process for the sake of it. Instead, it’s about offering choice. People want the option of convenience, and there’s no doubting that the industry will evolve exponentially within the next few years. Video viewings are just a natural part of the process.

The future is here

Covid-19 has only accelerated the shift in demand for viewing homes virtually, but the landscape was already changing. Video viewings offer a simpler and more convenient way to view a home. The result makes the renter and the agent’s life easier while creating a seamless ecosystem where people can rent a new home without leaving their old one.

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