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Why Video Viewings Are So Important to Build-to-Rent Operators

29 January 2021 Lucy Brice Read time: 2 min
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Lucy Brice

Lockdowns, lockdowns, lockdowns. We all seem to be in one constant flux of neverending lockdowns. And while they are necessary to stem the spread of Covid, lockdown restrictions mean businesses need to adapt and evolve to meet customer needs. 

Fortunately, the UK property market remains open amid new stay at home orders. Physical viewings are permitted to take place, but for many renters, the idea of attending viewings in person is something they’d rather avoid if possible. 

That’s where video viewings come in. During the first lockdown, video walkthroughs of homes increased in popularity, and we believe they will be in demand long after Covid. Here’s why video viewings are so important. 

Covid friendly viewings

The desire for video viewings has been growing steadily over the last few years, but it’s supercharged during Covid. With lockdown restrictions, Build-to-Rent operators need to offer video viewings for renters who don’t want to leave their current place. 

Person putting on their mask

Tenancy agreements come to an end, and people are still inclined to move during lockdowns. A video viewing offers the perfect way to do it, reducing the need for contact with other people while still giving renters the full experience. 

Post-Covid popularity

Expect video viewings to stick around in the aftermath of Covid, as Millennials and Generation Z look for fast, instant options to find their next home. Over the last few years, the shift to technology-led approaches has increased in many fields, including the property market. 

Modern-day renters are used to quick fixes, whether it’s watching a series on Netflix in one sitting or ordering food from their favourite restaurant and having it delivered to their door in minutes. It’s no different for finding their next home, as they seek options where they can get the full experience through their screen – and video viewings offer another level of immersion that photos can’t replicate. 

Video viewings are quick and easy

There’s no fussing about with video viewings, for you or renters. All you need to do is grab your phone and take a quick video of the property, capturing all the rooms and social spaces in your community. The actual recording will take around a minute, and doesn’t require any editing as renters want to see a true reflection of the home. 

From the renter’s point of view, they have instant access to your stock when they’re searching for a new home. Photos are great, but they don’t tell the whole story. However, a video viewing accurately shows what it’s like to live somewhere, and renters can easily flick through your homes while viewing handy videos. 

Video viewings provide more clarification

Having the ability to see a virtual viewing increases the chance of receiving serious enquiries. Renters who still want to view the property in person will use a video walkthrough to confirm their interest, while others will be happy to watch a video and make an offer on the spot. 

Photos don’t provide the same realism and immersion as video walkthroughs, either over or underselling a property. There’s no room for error with a video, and they show greater authenticity and give renters a genuine idea of what it’s like living in one of your homes. 

Video viewings and click to rent with Movebubble 

We’ve seen a trend over the years, with renters asking for convenient video options and the ability to rent a home entirely online. Using Movebubble, our 750,000-plus verified renters can find, view and secure their new home without even leaving their couch. 

That means you can advertise your stock to renters looking for their next home and go through the entire renting process without many of the delays involved with physical viewings. And the Movebubble One feature even goes as far as to highlight Build-to-Rent homes with in-depth video descriptions of your communities, including the spaces, local area and everything there is to know about your homes. 

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