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Which Essentials Should You Include in a Build-to-Rent Apartment?

11 September 2020 Lucy Brice Read time: 3 min
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Lucy Brice

How do you style a Build-to-Rent apartment? From colour tones to furniture, many components go into creating the look and feel of a luxury home that will have renters chomping at the bit to move in.

Furnishings are important, but the fixtures and fittings also have a role to play in ensuring that everything looks tres chic. If you’re currently short on ideas for how to style your Build-to-Rent apartment, you’ve come to the right place.

We like to think that we know a thing or two about what renters want, which is why we’ve put this guide together that details the essentials you should include in the Build-to-Rent apartments at your community.


Giving renters the option of furnished or unfurnished is the best way to go, as it allows them to start with a blank canvas if that’s their wish. But there’s no doubting the fact that furnished properties look more appealing on the eye when you’re trying to entice renters into your community.

And if you’re going down the furnished route, there are some key furniture items that you should consider.

Stylish sofa

Blue sofa in a Build-to-Rent apartment

Who says neutral is the way to go when adding furniture? Having neutral walls means that you can play around with colour tones when it comes to furnishings. Why not try a green velvet corner sofa or blue three-seater? Having multiple units in your building allows you to play around with colours and furniture types, ensuring that apartments don’t all look identical.

Modern coffee table

Everyone knows that a coffee table is a modern essential when it comes to furnishings. And you should seriously consider placing a little unit for coffee and other stuff in the front room so that it compliments the rest of the living space.

Super-comfy bed

They say the bedroom is where the magic happens, and if by magic, they meant sleep, then you won’t find us arguing. But your renters will need a super-comfy bed to ensure a great night’s kip, preferably in a king size option.

Bedside delights

Bedside table

No one likes rolling over first thing in the morning to hit that snooze button. Again and again and again. But it’s somehow less infuriating when you’re turning around to a snazzy bedside table. Like the coffee table, the bedside table compliments the overall look and feel of the bedroom.


One way to a renter’s heart is through storage space. And if you can’t offer them tons of options to store their stuff (understandable in a one-bedroom apartment), having a built-in wardrobe will go a long way to winning them over. A built-in wardrobe helps create the illusion of space and doesn’t look bulky. Oh, and you can put stuff inside it, too. 

Integrated appliances

Long gone are the days of multiple kitchen and bathroom appliances from different brands. Today, it’s all about a unified, integrated look – whether it’s the bathroom and sink or the fridge-freezer, oven, cooker and washer-dryer.

The integrated look adds a touch of style, especially if it’s in an open-plan reception room. The majority of apartments at Build-to-Rent communities feature integrated top-of-the-range kitchen and bathroom appliances, a look that is all the rage right now.

A technology option

Who said it was all about the look of the apartment? Ok, maybe we did. But hear us out – technology is a big deal in your Build-to-Rent apartment. It might not have the instant attraction of a comfy sofa or fully-integrated appliances, but it’s a necessary component nonetheless.

Using tech on phone

Having a portal or app where renters can report maintenance issues, book social spaces, get instant updates and manage their tenancy is crucial for creating a holistic renting experience. And technology is the primary driver for facilitating forward-thinking processes that make everyday living more seamless.

Get the look

Let’s be honest: looks matter, and you’ll want to ace the look and feel of your Build-to-Rent apartment. Get the aesthetics right with the essentials needed to curate a stylish-looking home, and renters will flood in the droves to move into your Build-to-Rent community.

And if you need an extra hand finding top renters, fill out the form below, and we can connect you with 700,000 renters verified renters while highlighting your Build-to-Rent community with our Movebubble One feature.

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