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What is Build-to-Rent Awareness Week?

5 June 2021 Lucy Brice Read time: 2 min
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Lucy Brice

Build-to-Rent is becoming so popular that it's getting its own week. But what is Build-to-Rent Awareness Week, how can it help operators let their units faster, and what else is happening to promote Build-to-Rent? In this guide, we're digging deeper into Build-to-Rent Awareness Week and bringing you everything there is to know about this new celebration.  

What is Build-to-Rent Awareness Week?

Build-to-Rent Awareness Week took place at the end of May and was designed to promote the Build-to-Rent sector to renters. The industry has talked up a good game over the last few years, but there's still not enough distinction between Build-to-Rent and traditional renting from the renters' point of view. 

Therefore, Build-to-Rent Awareness Week was conjured up to tell renters about its many benefits, such as professional renting, managed homes, purpose-built communities, and social spaces – all of which make up the crux of Build-to-Rent.

What else do I need to know about the campaign? 

Build-to-Rent Awareness Week is supported by the British Property Federation and the UKAA, as well as some of our amazing partners like Fizzy Living. There's a good amount of weight behind it as those in the industry strive to give renters more awareness. 

And that's what it's really all about: currently there are more than 150,000 Build-to-Rent developments either completed, in construction or greenlit, with the aim to make this way of renting the de facto way to rent a home in LondonManchester and beyond. 

Are there any other ways that Build-to-Rent is promoted to renters?

Oh you bet there is, and it's right here on this website. At Movebubble, we work with plenty of Build-to-Rent operators to highlight their communities and get their homes in front of renters' eyes. 

We have a dedicated Build-to-Rent section on our app, showcasing communities, social spaces and things to do and see in the local areas where they're located. We also create a ton of content around Build-to-Rent and its different guises, such as Co-Living. 

What else does Movebubble do for Build-to-Rent?

We also create regular community reviews, providing an in-depth guide to what renters can expect from living in our partners' communities. The goal is to provide renters with as much info as possible, so they are well informed about Build-to-Rent. 

Partners who advertise their communities on Movebubble have direct access to 750,000-plus renters who can search, view and rent a home in a Build-to-Rent community on our platform.

Walkthroughs mean renters can view a video of the property on the app, while Instant Booking allows them to rent it with just a few clicks. All in all, it means renters can move into your communities faster without needing to see the property in person. 

Learn more about how we show Build-to-Rent communities ❤️

Build-to-Rent awareness all the time

It's great that things like Build-to-Rent Awareness Week exist, but here at Movebubble we're all about Build-to-Rent awareness 365 days a year, seven days and week and 24-hours a day. You could say that we eat, breathe and sleep Build-to-Rent, and that's great news for you and renters. 

So why not find out more about how Movebubble can get your Build-to-Rent community in front of renters?

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