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The Best Technology for Build-to-Rent

25 October 2020 Lucy Brice Read time: 2 min
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Lucy Brice

Technology is essential when you’re letting homes to hundreds of renters in one building. Otherwise, keeping up with things like maintenance and other requests will prove to be super difficult. Fortunately, the majority of Build-to-Rent communities employ technology in some form, so they can manage in-life tenancies as well as other aspects of the building.

But when it comes to the latest tech, what are the must-have features that will make your Build-to-Rent community run smoother and provide a better in-life tenancy for your renters? Plus, can tech also help you find new renters? That’s what we’re answering in this guide, which brings you the best technology for Build-to-Rent.

Tech for maintenance

The Build-to-Rent sector has already done an exemplary job of fixing a primary renter concern. Maintenance requests were once a laborious process that required multiple back and forths between the landlord or managing agent.

Build-to-Rent maintenance

However, with the rise of Build-to-Rent communities, renters can now access a portal – either on their phone or desktop – and make repair requests for their home. These requests are usually tracked, too, which offers more transparency and keeps everyone in the loop. If you’re in the early stages of planning a Build-to-Rent community, online maintenance reporting is an essential component.

Tech for renter communication

Having social spaces is vital for building a community and giving renters a place where they can engage with each other. But another handy feature involves providing them with an easy way to communicate using your technology.

With the use of tech, renters should be able to send each other messages via your app and on desktop. This allows them to do things like arrange meeting times in the social spaces or update each other about things related to the building – and it’s all done through your branding, keeping everything in the same ecosystem.

Tech for social spaces

Social spaces are a place for people to meet and socialise, but there are times where some spaces can be hired privately. During Covid, many of the social spaces in Build-to-Rent communities have limited capacity, too, which means they should be booked in advance.

Lounge area in Build-to-Rent community

Whether it’s for private use or social distancing, renters should have an easy way to book and see times and availability for social spaces. Tech can simplify the process, letting renters book spaces with just a couple of clicks in the app. Having these capabilities increases the renter experience, and these small touches can contribute to longer tenancies and fewer void periods.

Tech for attracting renters

Providing great technology for your renters is essential, but what about tech that can help you find occupants for your units? Movebubble is a renter-first platform with over 700,000 verified renters using our app to find, view and secure their home.

With features like Walkthroughs, Instant Booking and in-depth Build-to-Rent guides, our partners not only have access to a large pool of renters; but they can let their units faster with vide viewings and communicate with renters directly through the app for a seamless experience.

Being a tech-proof operator

It’s easy to see why technology is so important to the Build-to-Rent sector. With it, renters enjoy a better experience, and you and your team can manage the day-to-day runnings with ease. The best Build-to-Rent communities rely on tech, and as technology improves further, the capabilities it brings only enhance the renting experience.

If you would like more Build-to-Rent insights, check out our hub, which has plenty of content to discover. Then why not get in touch with us to see how Movebubble can help you find renters for your communities?

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