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Tagged: new builds

New Builds

Cities With the Greatest Potential for Build-to-Rent Investors

A number of cities have emerged as Build-to-Rent hotspots over the last few years. As the sector goes from strength to strength, more
2 Read time by Lucy Brice
build to rent

How Differentiate Yourself From Other Build-to-Rent Communities

Community. Wellness. Lifestyle. Three concepts that all Build-to-Rent operators adhere to in their efforts to offer value to modern-day
3 Read time by Simon Banks
build to rent

How to Market Your DMR Apartments

Build-to-Rent is changing the face of the rental industry. Renters finally have a lifestyle they can buy into, from exclusively designed
3 Read time by Simon Banks
build to rent

Top 10 London Build-to-Rent Communities

Everyone might be stuck indoors right now, but that doesn’t have to stop us from dreaming about our next home. Technically, renters can
4 Read time by Simon Banks


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