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Tagged: build to rent marketing

Build-to-Rent Marketing

How To Use the Right Marketing Testing to Attract Renters

Testing. One, two, three, testing. This is a test. Everything is a test. At least it should be in the world of the Build-to-Rent market,
3 Read time by Jodie Cartmer
Build-to-Rent Marketing

How to Win at Location Marketing

How do you streamline social media? That’s a question posed by rental trying to cut through the noise and connect with their renters. It
3 Read time by Simon Banks
Build-to-Rent Marketing

How to Get the Most Out of Your Social Media Ad Budgets

Getting organic traction on social media is becoming increasingly difficult for marketers, especially in the competitive rental
3 Read time by Lucy Brice
Build-to-Rent Marketing

How to Avoid Mistakes When Finding Renters Through Social Media

The power of social media has few boundaries. Other than being an excellent platform to grow brand awareness and increase follower
4 Read time by Lucy Brice
Build-to-Rent Marketing

Why User-Generated Content is a Winner for Promoting your Build-to-Rent Community

They say the customer is always right. But did you know they can also be creative and help promote your Build-to-Rent community by
3 Read time by Lucy Brice


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