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build to rent

What Does Build to Rent Look Like in 2021 and Beyond?

Even with all the uncertainties of 2020, the Build-to-Rent sector still finds itself in rude health. There were 51,000 completed
2 Read time by Lucy Brice
build to rent

How to Go Green at Your Build-to-Rent Community

Green is serene, and a growing number of buildings across the UK are becoming eco friendly. Sustainable-living properties are all the
2 Read time by Lucy Brice
build to rent

Top Tips for Providing 5 ⭐️ Property Management at Your Community

Build-to-Rent is the panacea of the rental market, offering renters apartments that are designed with their needs in mind. It's growing
2 Read time by Lucy Brice
build to rent

The Essential Build-to-Rent Stats That You Need to Know

The Build-to-Rent boom is well underway, and we thought that you might like to know some promising stats that show just how important it
2 Read time by Simon Banks
build to rent

How to Create a Community in Your Build-to-Rent Home

It can be a lonely world out there, especially if you live in always-on-the go cities like London and Manchester. Their frantic pace can
3 Read time by Simon Banks



How Will Covid-19 Affect Co-Living?

A greater sense of community, shared social spaces and increased social interactions are the primary selling points
2 min Read time by Simon Banks
build to rent

Co-Living and Wellness: Everything You Need to Know

Who is ready to give up their living room for a five-star spa? According to the 23,000 Co-Living communities across
2 min Read time by Simon Banks
Property Trends

Co-Living: A More Sociable Living Scenario?

Modern renters enjoy a sociable life. Their always-on-the-move lifestyles, remote working and travel can limit
1 min Read time by Bea Patel

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