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Social Space Ideas for Your Build-to-Rent Community

18 October 2020 Lucy Brice Read time: 2 min
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Lucy Brice

Creating a community-led atmosphere for a Build-to-Rent home is the most important aspect for any operator. And one of the best ways to achieve that feeling of togetherness is with social spaces that encourage renters to interact with each other.

We all know that lounges, outdoor BBQ terraces, shared dining and co-working spaces lead the way in most Build-to-Rent communities, but which extras can turn a Build-to-Rent home from good to great and get renters socialising?

In this week's Build-to-Rent article, we're looking at social space ideas with a difference. So read on and find out which amenities can take your Build-to-Rent community to the next level.

Outdoor sports' court

If the space permits, an outdoor sports' court can add another dynamic to a Build-to-Rent community. Most buildings feature an indoor gym, but having an extra sporting space outside can really turn things up a notch.

Tennis court at a Build-to-Rent community

Fitness is a big deal for renters, and added activity options will help enhance their experience in your community – whether it's a badminton court (as seen at Greystar's MyLo Fulham Riverside) or a five-a-side football pitch (found at Moda Angel Gardens).

Swimming pool & spa

Keeping with the fitness theme, having a swimming pool can be a huge draw for renters. If you want your Build-to-Rent option to feel like it offers a true five-star hotel experience, a swimming pool is a must. It's great for wellness and offers renters another way to keep in shape.

Indoor swimming pool at a Build-to-Rent community

Throw in a spa (as seen at The Collective's Old Oak community), and you're really looking like the boutique Build-to-Rent option. From relaxing massages to saunas and steam rooms, a spa offers prime luxury – and it'll help fill up your units even faster with eager renters.

On-site restaurant

Having a shared dining room where renters can get to know each other is great, but do you know what's even better? An on-site restaurant where the food is cooked for them. Having a restaurant  not only increases the community aspect of people eating together, but it's potentially another income stream.

On-site restaurant at The Collective

Implementing a restaurant at your Build-to-Rent community also helps to create a hotel vibe. Renters are busy and always on the go, so having somewhere they can order food on site is a significant bonus.

Kids play area

Renting isn't centred around young singles saving up to buy a home anymore. Today, it's a lifestyle choice for people of all ages. As a growing number of families decide to lay down roots in a rental home, Build-to-Rent communities have an opportunity to offer the de facto family experience.

Kids play area at a Build-to-Rent community

A play area for the little ones will go a long way to creating a family vibe, but so too will holding regular family-inspired events where everyone can get involved. Fizzy Living in Hayes, for example, holds regular social events that cater to both families and singletons, while Quintain places emphasis on catering to families as well as singles.

Games room

Whether you're breaking out the PlayStation or pool table, a games room is a great way to foster a community spirit at your Build-to-Rent community. We're seeing more and more of our partners incorporate a separate space from the lounge, somewhere renters can take it up a notch.

Games room at a Build-to-Rent community

If you've got the space, a games room can add some friendly competition in your community, with renters hosting their own tournaments and more. Why not let the games begin in your Build-to-Rent community?

Social spaces for the win

No matter which type of social spaces you have at your Build-to-Rent offering, making the most of amenities is a surefire way to build a successful community. From swimming pools to lounges and from games rooms to terraces, the social spaces are the heart and soul of Build-to-Rent communities.

If you're looking to maximise your Build-to-Rent homes, get in touch with us, and we'll show you how our Walkthroughs, Instant Bookings and dedicated Build-to-Rent guides help our partners reach out to 700,00-plus verified renters.

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