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Build-to-Rent Marketing

Alternative Social Media Apps for Build-to-Rent Marketing

We are already just over halfway through the year, and it’s fair to say that quite a lot has gone on so far. But as
3 Read time by Lucy Brice
Build-to-Rent Marketing

Best Marketing Tools for Build-to-Rent Operators

Build-to-Rent continues to dominate the rental landscape in the UK, with a growing number of units springing up.
2 Read time by Lucy Brice
build to rent

Focus on North London: the Neighbourhoods Where Build-to-Rent is Thriving

London is a Build-to-Rent hotbed, and it’s easy to see why. The city is the perfect location for inclusive
2 Read time by Lucy Brice
Build-to-Rent Marketing

What the Rise of Co-Living Means for the Build-to-Rent Market

Billed as “the end of urban loneliness”, Co-Living communities have had a sweeping effect on cities like London and
2 Read time by Lucy Brice


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