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23 Out of the Box Ideas for Your Build-to-Rent Marketing

22 March 2021 Lucy Brice Read time: 3 min
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Lucy Brice

A robust marketing strategy is vital for highlighting the benefits of your Build-to-Rent community and securing more renters. And while traditional methods hold plenty of weight, sometimes it’s worth thinking outside of the box.  

We started thinking about how you can increase engagement with renters and get them feeling excited about your Build-to-Rent spaces. So we’ve put together a list of 23 out-of-the-box marketing ideas aimed at making your brand pop. 

1) Local market quiz

Get people in the local area talking about the neighbourhood with a quiz to see how well they know their postcode. 

2) Explainer videos

Create an explainer video for your website, explaining what Build-to-Rent is, how it works, and how your community fits into the broader scheme of Build-to-Rent. 

3) Q&A blog posts

If your brand doesn’t already have a blog page, what are you waiting for? If, however, it does, why not expand your content by hosting a q&a on social media about renters’ most important questions, then answering those questions in a detailed blog post? 

4) Video marketing 

Video explainers are great, but you should also look to ramp up your video marketing. Around 86% of businesses use video marketing. Now we come to think of it; it’s not even that out of the box. It’s time to get on the video marketing bandwagon. 

5) Talk about your local area

Become invested in the community and offer renters a ton of content on all the great things to see and do, from restaurants to shops and everything in between. 

6) Lets with pets

Everyone loves pets, and most Build-to-Rent communities welcome them with open arms. It’s time to play on emotions and include pets in your marketing efforts. 

7) Stories, fleets and toks

Hop on social networks like Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok and use the Stories, Fleets and quirky videos to strike up a chord with your audience. 

8) Use Reddit and Quora 

It’s all about the community, right? Having an active presence on community-led sites like Reddit and Quora will help you achieve more renter-focused conversations with your target audience. 

9) Ebooks and white papers

Everyone loves a thought leader, so use your expertise to create ebooks and white papers about topics in the rental market. Why not summarise them with a nifty infographic?

10) Follow the latest trends

By keeping up to date with the ever-changing world of internet trends and themes, you can be at the forefront of clever content that amuses your audience. Did someone say memes?

11) Create a referral system

Encourage renters who are moving out of your units to recommend replacements by creating a referral system in your community.  

12) Branding

Keep your core branding in place, but don’t be afraid to play about with it every now and then, even if it’s only temporary. Interact with your followers on social media, asking their opinions about what they’d like to see from a branding perspective. 

13) Pictures of people

Not just any people, mind. Show renters the faces of people working at your Build-to-Rent communities and build that connection up from the first time someone interacts with your brand. 

14) Lead gen

Implement lead gen boxes across your website, always getting people to take the next step, whether it’s to arrange a viewing or sign up for a newsletter. 

15) Newsletters

Sure, there’s nothing out-of-the-box about standard newsletters. But what about creating in-depth content and focusing on a specific topic each month? It’s all about providing value rather than sharing the odd company update. 

16) Rent affordability calculators

Everyone loves a calculator to work out if they can afford the rent, so why not have one on your website for your stock?

17) Boost SEO with blogs

If you can, write between 10 and 12 blog posts a month. Doing so will increase your search frequency online while showing your audience that you’re an expert in the field.

18) Listing copy

Take a deep dive into your property listings and write copy that captures the essence of the home. It will help them stand out against the competition. 

19) Video viewings

Soon video viewings will be the de facto way to view a home. So make sure video walkthroughs are available on your website. 

20) Develop listing boards on Pinterest

Maximise the platforms available to you, especially visual-led ones like Pinterest, where you can really make your home stand out with its boards. 

21) Video testimonials 

It's time for more video content, because you really can’t ignore it. Use video testimonials, which more immersive than regular Trustpilot-style reviews. 

22) Host events

Whether virtual or in-person, hold events for renters where you can get feedback and float new ideas by them. 

23) Smoke tests

Create landing page-type content with potential new ideas for your Build-to-Rent community. Share these online and see which ones gain the most traction. 

Increase your reach

Marketing is always evolving, and by testing new and different ideas, you can land on methods that connect with your audience. It will help build your brand while leasing units in your Build-to-Rent communities and finding the right type of renters for your home.

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