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Movebubble v Rightmove

Movebubble vs Rightmove: Which One is Better For Build-to-Rent?

14 July 2020 Simon Banks Read time: 3 min
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Simon Banks

As a Build-to-Rent operator, you want to lease up your units fast and get professional renters in your lavish communities. One of the best ways of doing this centres around increasing your reach. But it's not a case of advertising your properties to just anyone.

You want verified renters to take up your units. At Movebubble, we work closely with Build-to-Rent operators in order to find high-calibre renters for their communities. It's working pretty well too: so far we've teamed up with Savills, JLL, Greystar, Essential Living, to name a few.

We aren't the only option for marketing your property, however. And you may have also heard about a few property portals, namely Rightmove. In the interest of fairness, we thought you might like to know the differences between the two.

So read on, and find everything you need to know about Movebubble v Rightmove.

What is the difference between Movebubble and Rightmove?

Pros and cons pens

For starters, unlike Rightmove, there isn't a "say no to Movebubble campaign", which you can find out more about here, here and here. Just saying.

Anyway, onto the details. At Movebubble, our aim is to make renting better. Part of that manifesto includes providing high-quality homes – and they don't come much better than renter-exclusive Build-to-Rent communities.

The aim is to provide a more encompassing experience than traditional portals like Rightmove, focusing on improving how renters, find, view and rent property online. Rightmove merely acts as a platform to host your property, while we're improving on the frustrations renters, agents and operators have with the platform.

Renter search parameters

The search parameters on Rightmove are fairly limited, with property searchers able to choose the basic requirements needed to find a home – such as the postcode, number of bedrooms, whether it's a house share et cetera.

Movebubble understands renter requirements are vast, which is why searchers can look at several different areas at once, get intelligent area suggestions based on their searches and use filters like whether a property offers zero deposits.

Most importantly, however, renters can find Build-to-Rent properties.

Movebubble One is a feature that focuses solely on Build-to-Rent communities, not only highlighting the awesome buildings but also advising on all the great things to do nearby. From restaurants to places to socials, Movebubble One is a hub that makes your communities stand out from the crowd.

Movebubble One

Communication in one place

Rightmove gives agents a property searcher's details after they've made an enquiry, at which point communication takes place between the renter and agency. Direct communication happens via email or a phone call, which is archaic when you consider that other industries have improved their processes.

Keeping communication between renters in one place is vital, especially when they often make several property enquiries. The Movebubble app allows for direct communication with Build-to-Rent operators, where renters can ask questions and make enquiries in the app.

Subsequently, both yourself and renters can keep all conversations in one space, making it easier to stay on top of interactions and respond faster. It's also a great tool to educate renters on Build-to-Rent communities. After all, who wouldn't want to live in a renter-exclusive home?

Integrated video viewings

Search through Rightmove, and you'll see plenty of "virtual tour available" messages. But you don't get much from the few videos on Rightmove. Instead, it's mostly still static images and a floor plan (if you're lucky), and often need the agent to send a video. The process of looking at a home on the portal hasn't evolved much from its launch in 2000.

Movebubble provides renters with the opportunity to find, view and secure a property all on the app. With video walkthroughs, they can see an unfiltered video that depicts what it's really like to live in your community.

It's so easy to make videos on Movebubble, too. You can make and upload them with minimal fuss and provide renters with an organic representation of living in your property, including social spaces and anything else at your Build-to-Rent community.

A renter-first approach

When we say Movebubble is renter-first, it doesn't mean we're ignoring the other vital components needed for renting a property. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Attracting high-calibre, verified renters is key to getting the right people in your properties.

By creating a platform aimed at renters, we're making the process of renting better for them. In turn, that improves the experience for our partners, who get high-quality, happy renters moving into their properties. It's a win-win situation.

Movebubble v Rightmove

Homes on Rightmove can easily get lost in a sea of other properties, with renters unable to distinguish the benefits between each one. With Movebubble, we highlight Build-to-Rent communities and make sure they get the attention they deserve. Build-to-Rent plays a pivotal role in the rental market, and renters should know its benefits. At Movebubble, we're championing the Build-to-Rent cause, which shares our ethos of making renting better.

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