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Movebubble v Zoopla

Movebubble V Zoopla: Which One is Better for Build-to-Rent?

14 July 2020 Simon Banks Read time: 3 min
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Simon Banks

Build-to-Rent is growing fast, as Generation Rent opts for renter-exclusive homes built for a holistic lifestyle. With snazzy Build-to-Rent homes in high demand, you’ll want to ensure that you get the right eyes fixing themselves on your communities.

Most people think of property portals like Rightmove and Zoopla for advertising their properties, thanks to the national media they receive from ploughing millions into advertising. But industry backlash against Rightmove has led many to look for alternative options.

Zoopla is seen as the natural go-to, as it’s the second-largest property portal, but it’s not without its problems. Fortunately, there are other options, ones that focus on high-calibre, verified renters. And that’s just what we do here at Movebubble, where we consider ourselves Build-to-Rent specialists.

We’ve already covered the differences between Movebubble and Rightmove. Now, – and once again in the interest of fairness – we’re looking at the differences between ourselves and Zoopla.

What is the difference between Movebubble and Zoopla?

Zoopla is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, which is fine if you want a general approach to advertising your stock. But it doesn’t quite cut the mustard for a bespoke approach. At Movebubble, we’re renter focused, which means everything we do is geared to finding homes for high-quality, professional renters.

Pros and cons chart

While Zoopla is busy hosting properties that are for sale and rent, we’re listing homes on the rental market only. We aim to offer great homes for the thousands of renters who search the app, and homes don’t come much better than renter-exclusive Build-to-Rent communities. You could say that Movebubble and Build-to-Rent is the perfect match.

Better search equals better results

If you’re looking for a home on Zoopla, get ready for a generalised property search. Want to look for a one-bedroom apartment? Tough luck, matey; you can only search for one-plus bedrooms. Feel like looking for homes in the W1 postcode? You’ll need to be more specific and add the H, W, K to the W1 ( we don’t know all the added letters either).

We get that renters have varying requirements, which is why they have more flexibility over their search terms. Try entering W1 into a Movebubble search, and you’ll get the options to choose the precise neighbourhood in that area, from Marylebone to Soho. It’s a little touch but makes lives easier for renters.

Our partners also have flexibility over editing their properties, meaning you can change practically everything – whether it’s an entire apartment or just a room. You can even add the floor and door number if you wish.

Movebubble v Zoopla for Build-to-Rent

Stick your Build-to-Rent apartments on Zoopla, and you’ve got the same options as everyone else. Advertise them on Movebubble, however, and things get interesting. Movebubble One is a feature designed solely for Build-to-Rent.

Build-to-Rent development

We highlight your amazing buildings by giving them their own profile. From the apartments to social spaces, we let renters know what they can expect when moving into one of your communities. We even go one step further and highlight all the great things to do in the local area, from local restaurants and shops to places to socialise.

Make the most of In-app chats

Enquiries on Zoopla work much in the same way as they do on Rightmove. You’ll get a vague enquiry form with the renters’ details, which you can reply to via email or phone. This isn’t particularly helpful for renters, as they often make multiple enquiries and have to trawl through copious amounts of email back and forth with agents. How many leads do you lose because a renter can’t find the thread and ends up giving up?

With the Movebubble app, you can chat to renters directly. All your conversations are stored in one easy-to-access place where renters can ask questions and enquire about your Build-to-Rent homes. Use it to answer questions and educate renters on your communities.

Lights, camera, action with video walkthroughs

Zoopla allows you to upload videos to listings, but no one can do videos as we do at Movebubble. We let you upload video walkthroughs that only take a minute or so to complete and offer a genuine representation of the property.

Even better, if a renter falls in love with the property after watching the video, they can secure it right away by paying the holding deposit. It speeds up the entire renting process for everyone involved, thanks to unfiltered, quick videos that show what it’s really like to live in a home.

Renter verified

You can advertise your properties on Zoopla, and that’s about it. At Movebubble, we go one step further and give you access to verified renters. That means they’ve been referenced and checked and are move-in ready.

No property portal offers that kind of access to renters, and it will cut down much of the process of renting. That means you can focus on other great aspects of your Build-to-Rent community and leasing up your apartments in larger numbers.

Movebubble v Zoopla

Movebubble gives you everything you need to let your Build-to-Rent communities, from exclusive promotion on Movebubble One to verified renters who can move in without going on a physical viewing. Of course, we’re a tad biased, but you won’t find that kind of commitment to securing new renters on Zoopla.

It might know what a home is really worth, but it doesn’t do much to show it.

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