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How to Keep Renters Happy

10 January 2021 Lucy Brice Read time: 2 min
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Lucy Brice

With Build-to-Rent communities set to increase by 247pc in the next few years, it's safe to say that renters have never had so much choice for finding a home. That doesn't mean Build-to-Rent operators can rest on their laurels, though. 

Offering high-end homes is one thing, but keeping renters happy and providing a five-star in-life tenancy is just as crucial in the renting lifecycle.

If you're in the business of Build-to-Rent, how do you go about keeping renters happy? From the moment they first spot your home to getting the keys and throughout their living experience, here's how to provide excellent service and ensure renter happiness. 

Technology-driven answers

The lettings market is a people-driven service, whether it's traditional lets or Build-to-Rent. Having awesome people who can provide a great experience is vital, and using technology can make your service even better. 

Robots representing technology in Build-to-Rent

The best Build-to-Rent communities use an app or desktop application so renters can easily report maintenance issues and track their progress while also using that app to check documents relating to their rentals, make requests to management and more. 

Providing this type of access and transparency to renters allows you to focus on the service side while also giving those living in your buildings more control over their tenancy. We live in an environment where instant solutions are an expectation, and using tech in your communities can help meet the demands of modern-day renters.  

Community events

It's all about the community in Build-to-Rent spaces. Therefore, hosting regular events with your renters is a great way to increase the spirit of togetherness. Many operators hold monthly get-togethers where fun and games galore are on the agenda. And if you're not already doing something similar in your spaces, it's definitely something to think about for the future. 

Social spaces play a significant role in creating a Build-to-Rent community's overall vibe, and utilising them for events can add another dynamic. Whether it's karaoke nights in the residents' lounge, cooking classes in the kitchen or a summer BBQ on the rooftop, community-designed events are sure to be a winner in your Build-to-Rent spaces. 

Renter-focused partners

It's all well and good creating an atmosphere for renters once they've moved in, but what about when they're looking for a home? As a renter-first community, you want to get your homes in front of the right audience from the start and show how you're all about the renters. 

Movebubble One

Working with partners who share your same ethos about renting can help solidify your position as a brand who careers about renters. At Movebubble, we're a renter-first platform with 750,000 renters looking for their home on our app.

With Movebubble One, we highlight Build-to-Rent communities, showing them in their best light. Renters can also find, view and secure their home by using the app to watch a video walkthrough and place a deposit with the instant booking feature. 

Happy days with your renters

By focusing on technology, service, community and working with the right partners, you can provide an excellent experience for your renters. And it won't be long before word starts to spread that your community is the one where everyone wants to live. 

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