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How to Help Renters Find a Home at Your Build-to-Rent Community

How to Help Renters Find a Home at Your Build-to-Rent Community

11 August 2021 Lucy Brice Read time: 2 min
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Lucy Brice

The average property can take well over a month to rent in the UK. But time is of the essence for Build-to-Rent operators that want to lease up their units fast. Therefore, you’ll need to be savvy in your marketing and use your skills to make things happen. 

A good Build-to-Rent professional can speed up the process by using experience, expertise in the local area and negotiating skills. Those are just some of the traits that you can tap into for a swift rental, but we reckon you’ve got some more strings to your bow.

In this guide, we’re bringing you top tips on how to help renters find the perfect home at your Build-to-Rent community. So read on and lease-up your units in no time at all. 

Show your expertise

Renters looking for a new place will need expert advice to make a decision if they’re not sure yet. That knowledge comes from you, someone who understands the local neighbourhood better than most. Start by giving them all the details on the area, pointing out some fun places that only the locals know about. 

It will soon become clear how well you know the the neighbourhood. You should have comprehensive knowledge of everything to do with the the area, from average rental prices to all the fun things to see and do. Having it will go a long way. 

Sometimes experience matters

Experience isn’t always a signifier of quality, but more often than not, those with it are in a better position to achieve results. It’s no different with Build-to-Rent operators: those who have been there and worn the t-shirt know the process of renting out a home more than most.

With experience, you will be well prepared to pre-empt renter questions around your units, so you can provide in-depth and reassuring answers. Experience means you will also be more adept at identifying genuine renters. Elements like their financial circumstances or whether they are looking for the long or short term will be helpful information that can give you an indication of how likely they are to rent at your community.

Be transparent

Many components go into the process of renting a home, from finding a renter to going through all the paperwork involved. During that time, there’s bound to be an element of questions – and maybe some anxiety – from renters. 

However, being transparent and accessible means you can build trust. Use your expertise to calm the nerves of renters who may be experiencing the house-moving process for the first time. Being thorough and transparent over everything involved with renting – explaining why certain procedures are in place – can reassure and get them feeling confident about moving into their new home.

Make life easier with Movebubble

Partnering with us here at Movebubble means you can get your Build-to-Rent community in front of 750,000-plus renters looking for a new home. Even better, we specialise in promoting Build-to-Rent spaces with our in-depth guides that focus on your buildings and the surrounding area. 

With thorough search filters, video walkthroughs and instant bookings, renters can find, view and secure their next home without leaving their sofa. Search filters allow them to find the places they want, while video walkthroughs provide a detailed tour of the home. Then they can use the instant booking feature to put down a deposit on the spot. The process is faster, and it caters to the needs of modern-day renters who expect instant results from their home-searching experience. 

Helping renters move into your spaces

Being transparent and showing your expertise can help renters feel more comfortable moving into your Build-to-Rent homes. And with a partner like Movebubble, you can provide a seamless Build-to-Rent experience and ensure that renters move into your homes in no time at all.

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