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How to Go Green at Your Build-to-Rent Community

19 September 2020 Lucy Brice Read time: 2 min
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Lucy Brice

Green is serene, and a growing number of buildings across the UK are becoming eco friendly. Sustainable-living properties are all the rage right now, as the world looks for ways to cut carbon emissions and generally be more friendly towards the planet.

If you’re a Build-to-Rent operator, you might just be thinking about going green and becoming an eco-friendly community. Or if you’re about to develop a new community, having environmentally-kind measures might be at the top of your list.

In this article, we’re listing ways that you can go green, whether you’re an existing Build-to-Rent community or are about to create a brand new set of homes. So read on and find out what you can do to go green at your Build-to-Rent community.

But first… what defines an eco home?

Eco friendly home

There are no definitive set of requirements that define an eco-home, and we’re still not quite at the place where it's common to have an entire eco-friendly building. However, if a development can reduce energy consumption, use resources and materials in a sustainable way and promote healthy living within its community, it’s well on its way to becoming eco friendly.

It’s all modular

Modular homes are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, and they might be worth considering if you’re about to build a community. Other than the speed at which they can be built, modular homes offer several benefits that help create a sustained way living.

First of all, they’re produced at a site and reduce building waste on the land where they will eventually sit. Renovation and construction waste account for around 40% of landfills, and modular homes help to reduce that number significantly.

Energy consumption is also smaller, which means cheaper bills and homes that are more sustainable to run. Essential Living’s Union Wharf is a fine example of a modular Build-to-Rent community and is now one of the tallest volumetric residential buildings in the country.

Let there be light

Ok, so starting from scratch with modular housing is one thing, but what if you want to make a few tweaks that lead to a greener community? You can start with the light bulbs, which are the easiest green adjustment to make.

Led light bulbs for Build-to-Rent community

By switching to LEDs or CFLs, your renters will see a significant reduction to their electricity bills and the bulbs also last much longer than regular ones. That means the light bulbs save more energy in the long run, as your renters won’t need to keep changing blown-out bulbs.

Solar power

One of the most popular ways to go green involves using solar power. Solar panels, whether set on a building’s roof or in the outside space, substitute electricity and help with running costs in the longer term – though the initial outlay can be costly.

Using solar power offers plenty of rewards, such as providing more environmentally friendly housing. In the UK, around 2.7% of homes use solar power, with the number continuously growing.

Smart devices

These days, it seems like everything is smart – and for a good reason too. Smart devices are cheaper to run, which makes them more environmentally friendly. Whether it’s a smart thermostat to control the heating or smart tech that allows renters to turn off their lights from another location, going smart also means going green.

Smart devices around the home

Not only can smart tech help in the homes at your community but adopting it around the building can lower costs in social spaces as well as staff-only areas. So whether you’re building a community or already have one, it might be time to get smart.

Going green

There are several ways to go green, from huge initiatives like modular housing and solar power to little fixes like smart devices and lighting in current buildings.

Whichever one appeals to you, it’s a good start to making eco-friendly housing that provides high-quality homes to an increasing number of environmentally conscious renters.

Here at Movebubble, we already partner with eco-friendly operators. And if you'd like to know more about getting your homes in front of environmentally-friendly renters, why not say hello?

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