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How to Find the Perfect Build-to-Rent Location

1 November 2020 Lucy Brice Read time: 2 min
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Lucy Brice

So you’ve decided to operate a Build-to-Rent community? You've made a great choice if you ask us. After all, the Build-to-Rent sector is growing exponentially and will likely make up the crux of the private rental market in the near future.

With 150,000-plus Build-to-Rent communities either completed, in development or at the planning stage, now really is a great time to get on the bandwagon. Renters want bespoke solutions to their living needs, and the best communities offer just that – exclusively designed homes with great social spaces and flexibility in mind.

But if you’re thinking of starting a Build-to-Rent community, how do you decide on a location? In this guide, we’re looking at everything you should consider before building high-end renter-exclusive homes that will be the envy of your rental competition.

Foster the community

Build-to-Rent is all about creating a community for renters, somewhere they can call home. Therefore, you should look towards postcodes where the community is already an important factor. Then your Build-to-Rent space will become part of an already functioning community.

People in a build to rent community

Research is key, as is development space, and finding a location that already has a close-knit community will give you head start when it comes to creating one in your building. A strong community is arguably the most crucial factor in your Build-to-Rent homes.

Travel links

It goes without saying, but people need to get around. Having a Build-to-Rent community that has easy access to transport hubs will go a long way in helping increase its appeal. The more high-quality transport links, the faster you will fill up your buildings.

You don’t necessarily need to have somewhere in the heart of the city. But if it takes hours for people to get into the prime areas, it’s going to be harder to convince them to move into your homes. Depending on your price points, commuter towns can be a great option for building a Build-to-Rent community.

Variety is the spice of life

The best Build-to-Rent locations offer a little bit of everything, from local amenities in the form of restaurants and shops to green spaces where you can get away from it all for a bit. You’re onto a winner if you can find somewhere that has a diverse mix of things to do and see.

Town centre with lots of amenities

We’ve seen some of our partners choose fantastic locations that offer a bit of everything, whether it’s Salford in Manchester with its waterside setting and cultural amenities or Hayes in West London with its green spaces and local neighbourhood. Give renters options, and they'll be more intrigued by your offering. 

Location, location, location

Finding the perfect place for your Build-to-Rent community comes down to research and getting the right feel for the areas. But if you focus on key aspects like community appeal, transport links and variety of amenities, you’ll stand a much better chance of finding a Build-to-Rent community that renters can’t wait to call home.

Building to rent with Movebubble

Whether you’re thinking of getting into the Build-to-Rent space as an operator or already have units in great cities like London and Manchester, why not check out our Build-to-Rent hub for the latest insights on homes designed for renters? And if you’d like to find out how we can get your units in front of 700,000-plus verified renters, fill out the form below and we'll be in touch shortly.

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