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  • How Live Streaming Can Attract More Renters to Your Build-to-Rent Community

How Live Streaming Can Attract More Renters to Your Build-to-Rent Community

12 December 2020 Lucy Brice Read time: 3 min
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Lucy Brice

Once novelty marketing, live streaming has evolved into a bonafide way to increase intrigue around your brand – and it can be an excellent tactic for generating interest in a Build-to-Rent community. After all, what better way to sell a lifestyle than by giving people an intimate look into somewhere that could be their next home? 

The live streaming market will be worth £50bn by the end of 2021 and audiences now watch live content more than ever before. But if you’re thinking about implementing live streaming to show off your Build-to-Rent communities, how do you do it? And what should you show potential renters? 

In this guide, we’re telling you everything there is to know about live streaming for Build-to-Rent. So sit back, relax and read on to become a live streaming pro who creates top-notch streams of their communities. 

Where can you live stream?

Live streaming platforms

First thing’s first: you need to know which platforms you can live stream on. Fortunately, there is no shortage of options when it comes to hopping on a video and going live, with all the major social media platforms (and the smaller ones) offering live streaming options. 

You can live stream on...

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook 
  • Twitch
  • YouTube
  • Periscope
  • Ustream
  • Brightcove

It’s probably best to start with a platform where you already have a following – if you’ve built up an audience on Instagram, for example, then do your first streams from there. If they start building up traction, you can look to move to more stream-focused platforms that provide a greater depth of options for streaming. 

Benefits of live streaming in your Build-to-Rent community

Build-to-Rent community

Live streaming shows off your development in real time

You should already provide video walkthroughs and implement other forms of tech at your Build-to-Rent community, ones that show off the homes and the social spaces. But a live stream can add another layer to that video experience, offering a dynamic look at the community in real-time. It's the perfect complement to your videos and can be something you do once a month to provide updates and interesting tidbits that renters might be interested in finding out. 

It’s a chance for Q&A

A live stream can also help you build brand credentials by doing a q&a session with viewers. It’s a chance for renters to ask specific questions about living in your community while getting to know your brand better. What better way to start those community vibes than by making the renter's experience more personal from their first interaction? 

Focus on specific areas

Instead of going around the whole community, why not use live streams to focus on specific social spaces or apartments? Highlight the cinema room and do a stream on its features, or focus on the penthouse apartments and live stream from inside, giving renters a sneak peek of what it’s like living there. 

You can be inventive

Your Build-to-Rent space is the perfect place to be inventive and create live streams that offer something a little bit different. The key is to engage your audience, so why not explore doing things like themed streams where you can have a little fun with your branding while showing off your community in a different light. Did someone say pool party stream or live excersie classes?

How to advertise your streams

Retro TVs for advertiisng live streams

So you know the benefits of live streaming at your Build-to-Rent community, but how do you promote your stream? Most live streams tie into social media audiences; the more followers you have, the greater the chance of getting high numbers. 

Still, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t promote your shows, and you can use social media channels to generate interest in the stream. Essentially, live streams should play a role in your greater marketing strategy to increase awareness and build up some buzz around your community. 

And we’re live! 

Live streaming is another way for you to build a sense of community before renters have even moved into your homes. It offers an insight into your Build-to-Rent space and can generate interest around the building, acting as a strong option for filling your units, securing faster lets and building interest. 

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