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  • Co-Living: A More Sociable Living Scenario?

Co-Living: A More Sociable Living Scenario?

27 November 2019 Bea Patel Read time: 1 min
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Bea Patel

Modern renters enjoy a sociable life. Their always-on-the-move lifestyles, remote working and travel can limit housing options and they face new environments often. We live in a globally connected world with tech at our fingertips. People now ‘swipe’ more than they speak. And more relationships have moved online than face to face.

Can co-living provide a more sociable living scenario?

At Movebubble we’re passionate about our renters – we’re here for them. And we’re excited about co-living. It’s so much more than the cramped student accommodation of the past.

Co-living is redefining the way renters live. It builds communities and a sense of belonging. It brings millennial renters together in shared, co-living spaces. It provides areas to interact with other like-minded people. And it breaks down the barriers to allow them to make friends.

It’s estimated that co-living microflats account for five to ten percent of the UK’s Build-to-Rent sector. So, it’s a massive opportunity to use housing to build communities. Build-to-Rent lets renters be a part of a modern living experience – and to share this experience together.


A survey by Opinium found that 21% of people under 40 would be most interested in co-living because it provides an opportunity to meet new people.



The management of a Build-to-Rent property is also important. And the staff play their part. 28% of renters say that one of their main concerns about co-living is communal amenities not being maintained to an acceptable standard. 

Living in a ‘sharing’ way is becoming a standard expectation for millennials. It’s what they know. It’s what they do. It’s the evolved lifestyle they live. Build-to-Rent is growing and it’s paved the way for sociable living solutions. The smart planning of communal areas and events get people to engage with their neighbours.

At Movebubble, we’re super thrilled about co-living. We know the sociable benefits it’ll bring to our modern renters, who want a living experience that embodies a community spirit they feel connected to. By working together, we can build stronger, more meaningful communities.

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