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Why Community Matters for Letting Agents

20 January 2021 Julie Davidson Read time: 2 min
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Julie Davidson

Everyone wants to feel like they're part of something and that they belong to a select group. That feeling of togetherness is one of the primary reasons companies like Apple have done so well, as they've created a community of customers who feel like they represent the brand. 

You might wonder how a sense of togetherness fits in with a letting agency, but dig a little deeper, and creating a community is even more relevant when you consider locality. Community spirit matters in the housing market, whether it's lettings or sales. And in this guide, we're bringing you everything there is to know about how to make community count at your lettings agency. 

Being part of the community

Local high streets have evolved over the years, but they still have an important role to play in the makeup of a neighbourhood. Letting agents are a fundamental aspect of the high street, often seen as a regular staple and the community's lifeblood – especially independent branches. 

Letting agents in the community

Essentially, that means you're in a great position to tap into the high street and become a trusted source in the community. And when people come to look for a new home or want to put their property on the rental market, you'll already be in a good position to help renters and landlords with their needs. 

Demonstrate your expertise 

One of the best things about being local is the ability to demonstrate your knowledge. You have a chance to show that you're the expert on all things in your neighbourhood, including the day-to-day workings of the local property market and how national property news fits in with the local postcode. 

Your agency can become a pillar of the community and somewhere that people look to for information – even if it's only to have casual conversations about how the market is performing. That status as a local expert is a segue to more important discussions down the line and the chance to secure more stock for your agency. 

Strike a chord with landlords and renters

It's not always about beating your chest and claiming to be the best agent in town. Instead, a more nuanced approach can bear fruit. With smart marketing methods and providing valuable insights to local renters and landlords, you can build your reputation and form a greater connection with target audiences. 

Creating insightful content will further reflect your status as the go-to agent in the local community. It's a great way to build bonds with local landlords and renters looking for new homes in the area while significantly boosting your standing.  

Represent something more than just a brand

Acting as a pillar of the local community is so much more than being just another agent on the high street. By taking an active role in local area interests, you'll continue to build your reputation as the community agent. 

Reaching your goals will be easier once you've attained the status of local community letting agent, with landlords and renters coming to you for advice. In turn, it's only natural they will also look to you to solve their problems, whether that's finding renters for their properties or providing renters with high-quality homes and great service. 

Community leads the way

Being a local community agent is vital for tapping into your neighbourhood and being seen as a thought leader. Agents need to access every avenue available to them, both online and off. But it all starts with being seen as the go-to agent in your patch. 

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