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Why Authenticity Matters for Letting Agents

26 February 2021 Julie Davidson Read time: 2 min
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Julie Davidson

The job of a letting agent requires a range of skills, including being a people person and organised. One of the lesser spoken about traits, however, is the need to remain authentic. Not, like, “keep it real, man” authentic, but more like the ability to connect with people by showing how invested you are in them.

On the face of it, you might wonder what authenticity has to do with being a top-level negotiator. But dig a little deeper, and showing your authentic side can make a big difference when it comes to winning instructions and finding homes for renters. 

That’s why we’ve put this guide together detailing why authenticity matters for letting agents and how it can help you be an even better negotiator. So read on and discover everything there is to know about being an authentic letting agent. 

Why authenticity rules

The lines between business and personal behaviours have merged, and customers want more than an A-B transactions with a brand. In the world of letting agency, understanding the customer mindset takes on even more important as there is so much at stake. 


The need for connection is stronger than ever, and you’re well placed to tap into that mentality. By being authentic, your entire brand can position itself as the go-to letting agency in town, which will boost the company’s profile and increase demand. 

It’s not always about the pitch

Think about the bigger picture and what that entails. Of course, securing lets and managing stock is important, but the key to achieving those things lies in understanding the makeup of your renters and landlords. 

As a letting agent, it’s a numbers game and about getting people in houses. We get that. But those numbers can increase two-fold when you take time to see the human behind the instruction. Landlords and renters all have pain points, and pinpointing those issues, offering advice and helping with them will increase your standing in the eyes of clients. 

Stay invested in the local community 

Letting agents are hyper-localised, which is why investing in your local community can highlight your authenticity. We don’t mean investing financially; it's more to do with taking an active role by speaking at local events and becoming a presence – all these things help build your profile. 


The more active your presence in the local community, the more invested you’ll look. Landlords and renters will look upon this positively, and it will increase the chances of them coming to your agency directly, seeking your expertise with their property needs.  

Think about what your service offers

While the end goal is to increase the amount of stock at your agency, put renters in high-quality homes, and of course, hit your targets, you should think further along the line than just your core service. And it starts with your value proposition aside from the crux of your business. 

Look at how you can offer landlords and renters value that enhances their overall experience. That means informational marketing content, such as blog posts, email newsletters and even ebooks and white papers detailing important things in the industry. 

For example, you may want to write an article telling landlords about the new legislation around electrical reports or evictions. For renters, you could write content informing them about Right to Rent. All these aspects increase your position as a thought leader and show even more authenticity. 

An authentic taste

Authenticity matters in business, and being an authentic letting agent can help you be seen as an expert, lead to better relationships with renters and more instructions. The authentic letting agent is a winning letting agent. 

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