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  • Why a Fully Digital Home-Moving Process is the Future of Lettings
Why a Fully Digital Home-Moving Process is the Future of Lettings

Why a Fully Digital Home-Moving Process is the Future of Lettings

19 July 2021 Julie Davidson Read time: 2 min
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Julie Davidson

The, let's call it, technification of the rental market is an inevitability, as technology seeps its way into day-to-day practices. This is no bad thing, however. A fully digital home-moving process is the future of lettings, but humans still have a vital role to play. In this guide, we're looking at how tech has shaped renting and what the future holds. 

Tech the enabler

The actual renting process is moving to a fully digitalised one, with referencing, tenancy agreements and contract signings all now taking place online. These aspects have become the norm over the last few years as the market continues to evolve. 

Since the pandemic, the dependency on technology has only increased. Video viewings are now an expectation rather than a benefit, even if the renter still wants to visit the property in person. From an agent's perspective, an increasing part of the process is also becoming digitised, allowing you to focus on other aspects of the job, such as providing tip-top customer service. 

The human touch

Many think of tech as a creation designed to replace humans. However, that's not the case, and technology acts as an enabler to improve processes. It should never remove human interactions – instead, it needs to encourage them to provide customers with better experiences. 

With certain aspects of renting automated, lettings professionals can concentrate on delivering five-star customer service to renters and landlords. So instead of technology replacing their jobs, it'll enable them to do it better and really make the human aspect of lettings count. 

Tech-first with Movebubble

At Movebubble, we've championed the tech-led approach for a long time now and have enhanced our platform to give 750,000-plus renters a digital experience. It makes life easier for them, as they can move into their places with an entirely digital process. 

We also help letting agents by giving them the tools to speed up the renting process and provide stellar customer service to people looking for their next home. You enjoy instant access to professional renters and can show them your stock all on the Movebubble platform. 

Search with filters

Renters can select their unique filters to find the properties they want, then communicate with you on the app should they have any questions about the listings. Or, if they're happy with what they see, they can watch a video walkthrough from the comfort of their sofa. 

Video walkthroughs

Video viewings shot up in demand during the pandemic, and it looks like they're here to stay as renters desire the convenience of viewing a home without the need to see it in person. This is especially helpful for anyone moving from abroad, though it works just as well if you're moving down the road. With unfiltered video walkthroughs, you can show just what it's like living in your properties. Even better, you can create these videos in just seconds and have them ready to go live with minimum fuss. 

Instant booking

The instant booking feature allows verified renters to secure their new home without seeing it physically. As a result, you can speed up the time it takes from initial enquiry to taking the deposit. It's changing the way people rent and provides benefits, such as smoother renting experiences, for both renters and agents. 

Tech leading the way

Technology is improving the lettings industry while giving more power to renters, landlords and agents. And by partnering with Movebubble, you can secure renters faster with an entirely online process that appeals to the modern-day renter. 

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