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  • Who are the Most Renter-Friendly Agents in London? July 2018

Who are the Most Renter-Friendly Agents in London? July 2018

15 August 2018 Serena Ionta Read time: 4 min
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Serena Ionta

Here at Movebubble, we want our renters to have the best experience ever when they get in touch with our partner agents 😎

That's why we put together a list of our most renter-friendly agents for July, so that you guys can see how you're doing in the ranking! Don't think you made it this month? No worries, we also added some handy tips so you can make it to the top next time! Read on to find out how ⬇️

Who are the best agents on the app?

We always keep an eye on the list of the best agents we're partnering with, so we can make sure that the most renter-friendly agents look after the highest number of renters on the app πŸ™ŒπŸ»

The top agents, are the ones who reply to 100% of enquiries quickly. Did you know that the quickest among you have an average response time of 1 minute? That's really impressive!


                                           Image credit: Giphy

This month, we decided to get some comments from the top agents on our list, to inspire you to work your own way to the top! Roll up your sleeves, get back back to all the renters, and become a superstar agent... like Liam from Keatons πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Liam is #2 on our top agents list and he's working super hard to become number 1 next month. We asked him a couple of questions:

Liam squared

Movebubble: What's the craziest place you've answered a renter enquiry from?

quoteA few weeks ago, I answered an enquiry from a music festival during the break between two concerts!

Movebubble: Amazing, and why do you think renters are giving you so many 5 star ratings? ✨

I guess it's because I actually care for them and I want them to have a positive experience: I respond to their enquiries quickly and try and answer all their questions regarding the property and the area!

               Liam, Keatons

As promised, here's the list of the best agents from July 2018! Are you or any of your colleagues on the list? Read on to find out ⬇️

Ranking Name Agency Branch Response Rate Response Time (min) Star Rating
1 Alex Aylor Guillen Chestertons Estate Agents Camden & Primrose Hill 100% 2 5
2 Liam Reilly Keatons Shoreditch 100% 1 5
3 Michael Chu JLL Greenwich 100% 1 5
4 Ronan Rigney P.G. Estates Islington 100% 1 5
5 Claire Bobie Ludlow Thompson City/Docklands 100% 17 5
6 Nadine Warnakula JLL Greenwich 97.9% 1 5
7 Lorraine Clark Black Katz Crouch End 100% 1 5
8 Laura Robert Irving & Burns London 100% 5 5
9 Eliza Nissim Chestertons Estate Agents St John's Wood 100% 1 5
10 Daniel White Daniel James Estate Agents Tooting 100% 5 5


We've also had a chat with Alex from Chestertons, who is the #1 on our most renter-friendly agents list. Well done Alex! We asked him:

Alex squared

Movebubble: How do you keep such a great average response time?

I always have my phone in front of the desktop so I don't miss any notifications from Movebubble... when I get an enquiry, I respond immediately because I know how easy it is for a renter to find something else!"

Movebubble: That's good advice, so do you have any funny stories about using the Movebubble app?

Sometimes I receive enquiries from people living abroad late at night... Once I was at a club with some friends and I saw a notification on the app, so I decided to get back to the renter at 6 AM... he was quite impressed πŸ•Ί"

               Alex, Chestertons

Finally, we had a chat to the lovely Claire from Ludlow Thompson. She's currently #5 on the list, and she's receiving plenty of awesome feedback from renters!

Claire squared

Movebubble: How does the Movebubble app help you do more deals?

The Movebubble app helps us a lot, it makes everything much easier! I can suggest properties to a renter with a single tap on the screen, it's amazing!

Movebubble: Ah, glad you like that feature! So what's the craziest place you've answered an enquiry from?

I've answered a few enquiries from my bed! Using the app helps us skip the formalities and just get straight to the point... It's like chatting to a friend and it's so much quicker! 

               Claire, Ludlow Thompson




How can I get featured next month?

To increase your chances of being featured in the next month's top agents list, just follow these easy steps:

1. Turn on your notifications on the Movebubble app πŸ”›

Having your notifications on will ensure that you see all enquiries on your phone, and you can turn them into deals! What are you waiting for?

2. Get your viewings booked in the app πŸ“

This is the only way your renters will be asked to rate you! It also makes things easier for the renters, because they can keep track of the entire conversation on a single channel! How annoying is it when you contact someone via text and they reply with an email?

3. Respond to all enquiries quickly ⏱

If you don't reply to the renters quickly enough, you might miss the chance to chat to them! One of your colleagues could be quicker and get that deal done... You want that deal for yourself, right?

4. Check out more tips to become renter-first πŸ‘Œ

We recently collaborated with Paramount Properties to find out why customer-centricity is so important, you can read more about it and check out their video here. We also put together some tips to guarantee happy renters, and avoid the pitfalls that so many agencies fall into! 


                                                               Image credit: Giphy 

How does Movebubble help me become more renter-friendly?

Following these easy rules will help you become one of our best agents, and your name will jump to the top of the list! Remember that having a great star rating is super important, because the better your ranking on the list, the higher the chance of receiving new instructions from landlords. Have you seen our landlord page yet?

Did you miss last month's top agents? Find them here! 

Work hard in the upcoming weeks to be mentioned in the next leaderboard! You can do it ✨

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