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  • Who are the most renter-friendly agents in London? October 2018

Who are the most renter-friendly agents in London? October 2018

14 November 2018 Serena Ionta Read time: 3 min
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Serena Ionta

Yay! It's time for us to reveal the list of the most renter-friendly agents who are helping renters find their dream home on Movebubble πŸŽ‰ This time of year might not be the busiest in terms of renter enquiries, that's why it's so important to get back to all the renters that chat to you on Movebubble... and get some deals done! Also, it's a great moment to show landlords your positive reputation in London's rental scene, which will help you guys win lots of landlords' valuations!

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Keep an eye on your branch's star-rating, which you'll find on the landlord page by typing the postcode of your branch. This is calculated as an average of the ratings of all the negotiators that work at your office! The more viewings you book in the app, the more ratings you'll receive from renters ⭐️

Curious to know who made it to the top 10 this month?


Top 10 Agents in London - October 2018

We know you've been getting back to all enquiries and you've done a great job, but the competition is quite fierce as here at Movebubble we only collaborate with the best agents in the Capital. Have a look at the new leaderboard and try to spot your name! If you haven't made it this time, don't panic: do it for renters so that you'll beat the local competition, and you'll be featured next month βœ…

Ranking Name Agency Branch Response Rate Response Time (min) Star Rating
1 Nicholas Randall Franklyn James Limehouse and Wapping 99% 2 5
2 Liam Reilly Keatons Shoreditch 100% 5 5
3 Isobel Miles JLL Greenwich 100% 15 5
4 Ashley Thompson Ellis & Co Bethnal Green 99% 34 4.6
5 Stefano Samuel Estates Collier's Wood 100% 2 4.5
6 Oliver Gorman Paramount London - Lettings 100% 1 5
7 Chloe Martin Paramount London - Lettings 100% 1 5
8 Natalie Ewans Madley Property Surrey Quays 100% 23 5
9 Rojda Kilic Madley Property Surrey Quays 100% 30 5
10 Michael Chu JLL Greenwich 100% 16 5

Well done all of you for being such great agents and help us in our mission: doing it for the renters! If you missed last month's top 10, check it out here.

Share the love πŸ’•

It's so cool to know that you guys like chatting to renters on Movebubble! We've been asking Nicholas from Franklyn James, this month's Star Negotiator (Yay!) some questions about how the app helps him keep track of all enquiries and what's the advantage of using it... here are some of the answers we've received.

Klaudia at Movebubble asked: What do you like about Movebubble?

quoteI like that it’s very fast-paced in terms of amount of enquiries we are getting in, I can just open up my phone anywhere and answer to enquiry on the spot and chat to the renters on the app! It’s just a lot of quicker.

Why would you recommend Movebubble to other agents?

quoteBecause it’s efficient! If your negotiators are always out on viewings they can still deal with the enquiries in between viewings, which is really good. Basically time is money and Movebubble helps you save time.
Nicholas Randall, Franklyn James in Wapping


Well done Nicholas!

How can I be featured next month?

Do you remember the 4 magic tricks to become one of the most renter friendly agents in London? If the answer is no, don't worry, we've got it covered. Check out the following list to make the most out of it and become a star negotiator next month:

1. Turn on your notifications for the Movebubble app πŸ”›

Enabling the notifications for the app is key not to miss out on the renters' enquiries. Make sure to turn on the notifications on your phone settings so you'll get an alert as soon as an enquiry come through! 

2. Respond to all enquiries quickly ⏱

Busy renters get tired of waiting for your response! Don't wait too long before getting back to their enquiries, or they might start contact many other agents and get a faster response! Being fast at responding will enable you to get the deal done. Also, remember that when renters contact you via chat, they'll expect you to reply on the same channel! Don't give them an unexpected call if it's not urgent!

3. Get your viewings booked in the app πŸ“

This is the only way your renters will be asked to rate you! It also makes things easier for the renters, because they can keep track of the entire conversation on a single channel! How weird is it when you contact someone via text and they reply with an email?

4. Add your face to your profile 😎

Did you know that renters are more likely to get in touch with you if you've got a profile photo? So, what are you waiting for? Update your Movebubble profile and add a professional photo of your face, it's going to help you get even more enquiries.

Need some training?

No problem, we're here to help! If you aren't sure about all the tricks to make the most out of the Movebubble app, just give us a shout and we'll book in a training session for you to learn everything you need to know! Drop us an email to request your free training, and we'll see you on top of the leaderboard next month 😎


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