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What is Good Content for Letting Agents?

14 June 2021 Julie Davidson Read time: 2 min
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Julie Davidson

Content is king (or queen) as far as letting agents are concerned. A solid content strategy can boost your agency's profile, leading to an uptick in landlords and renters registering with you. Good times, right?

But what type of content makes for an engrossing read, view or interaction? There's no point just making any old stuff up – letting agents need to create content that resonates with their audience and increases engagement. 

If you're keen on a content strategy but don't know what to share with landlords and renters, you've come to the right place. In this guide we're looking at what makes good content for letting agents and how you can use it to attract clients. 

Think about what your audience wants

No one knows your audience as you do, so you're already starting from a position of strength. Instead of creating what you think works, look at solving their pain points and come up with engaging ideas around those topics. 

If it's void periods that keep landlords up at night, write an article advising how they can reduce voids. If they want to know about the state of play in the rental market, put a report together exploring your local neighbourhood. 

On the other hand, renters may want to know about all the things to see and do in the area. So create an area guide, spotlight local shops and restaurants, or write a post about all the travel options in your area and where renters can get to if they move to your patch. Give the people what they want, and you will be rewarded for it. 

Explore different types of content

Everyone thinks about blog posts when it comes to creating content. And while blogging is a fantastic way to interact with landlords and renters, it shouldn't be the only option. In fact, when it comes to different types of content, you're spoilt for choice. 

Implement social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, create ebooks, white papers, video content, infographics and send regular emails to give your content some variety. Doing so will allow you to open up more channels of communication and get your voice heard in more places. 

Keep an eye on the market

Knowing your local market is great, and you want to be seen as a thought leader for your patch. But it's also worth keeping an eye on the lettings market in general. That way you're ready to pounce on breaking news and share it with your landlords and renters. 

When big news comes on the scene, such as stamp duty changes or legislation for landlords, make sure that you're covering it. If landlords and renters know that you eat, breathe and sleep the lettings market, they will feel more confident instructing you to let their property, or find them a one to live in if they're a renter. 

The good stuff

Content covers so many different angles, and it's easy to get lost writing about things that don't really interest your target market. But by keeping it simple and understanding the needs of landlords and renters, you can create great content that strikes a chord and helps your agency become the number one agent in town. 

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