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What Do Landlords Value in a Lettings Agent?

5 November 2020 Julie Davidson Read time: 3 min
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Julie Davidson

Your day-to-day is most likely filled with a set of important questions, such as: "Where are the landlords?" "When are you going to get the landlords?", "Why aren't you getting the landlords now?", and so on.

It's safe to say that landlords are pretty darn important for letting agents, and so you want to get as many as you can to instruct you. In order to win all the landlords, though, first you must know what they value in a letting agent.

Then you can use that knowledge to create a service that landlords love, with your instructions growing by the day as a result. So if you want to know what landlords value in a letting agent, read on and become the agent with all the insight about the big LLs.


We know that you're a great letting agent who goes above and beyond for their clients. But some landlords may have created a (false) stereotype about the inner workings of a letting agent. Don't worry, though, as you can soon dispel any of those pesky myths.

The best way to do this is through transparency. Be honest with landlords, from the valuing stage to the finding renters. They will appreciate your honesty and have realistic expectations that are in line with the local market. And speaking of that local market…

Be an expert

One of the best ways to get landlords onside is by demonstrating your expertise in the local property scene. Leave a lasting impression with valuable insights about the neighbourhood, from average rental prices to knowing the inner workings of the postcode.

Lightbulb showing expertise


Use your website and social media as a chance to create content about the area. Consequently, Landlords will feel more confident that you can sell the neighbourhood to renters, whether it's through local restaurant recommendations or having in-depth knowledge about transport. Adding thought leadership to your content will go a long way to impressing local landlords.

It's all about the marketing

Landlords want to know that you're actively working to find renters for their buy-to-let. Show landlords how you will market their property from external marketing (ahem, Movebubble) to which in-house methods you'll use.

Are you big on social media? Then show them that it's an important avenue for engaging with renters. Do you rely on website content or a renter base that you reach through email marketing? Demonstrate your marketing efforts so that they feel more comfortable listing their property with your agency.

Show the value of renters

Renters are a pretty big deal. After all, they're going to live in the landlord's property. Therefore, landlords will want to know that, not only do you have access to renters, but you also understand what makes them tick.

And a good place to start is by telling landlords that their properties will feature on Movebubble, a rental-first platform with 750,000-plus renters. What better way to show that you understand the mindset of the renter by using a platform that lives and breathes them?

From video viewings to instant chats with renters, we have all the tools to facilitate a smooth rental process that results in happy landlords and agents. 

Take an interest in the home

Landlords want to know their property isn't just another one in a long list of homes. Take an interest in the property and go beyond the talk of valuations. What makes the home tick, what kind of renters will it appeal to? These are the types of questions that show you're taking a genuine interest.

There's plenty of competition out there, and landlords will instruct the letting agent who focuses on the importance of each instruction. Ensure that's you by placing emphasis on the landlord's property and showing that you'll provide a service that's personalised.

Showing your worth

With transparency and communication, you can show landlords that you're the de facto agent for letting properties. Then you can watch as the instructions roll in and you become known as the agent in your patch whose efforts bring all the landlords to the yard.

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