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Virtual Video Tour Options for Letting Agents

27 September 2020 Julie Davidson Read time: 2 min
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Julie Davidson

With lockdown measures changing by the minute, letting agents need to make their agencies pandemic-proof in the event of Lockdown Two. One of the key aspects to achieving this involves hosting viewings without physically being there – something we saw plenty of during Lockdown One.

Even without a full lockdown, a growing number of renters would prefer to find, view and secure their new home without actually visiting the property. Virtual viewings were already growing in popularity pre-Covid, and they’re only becoming more integral during this new normal that we find ourselves in.

But if you’re a letting agent, how do you prepare your stock so that renters can view them virtually? Fortunately, there are virtual viewing methods, and we’ve put together a list of the options available to you. So read on and find out which virtual video tour options you should use for your letting agency.

Hire a virtual tour service

A virtual tour service involves hiring photographers or dedicated companies that go to the property and create a virtual viewing. This option is handy for proving a fully encompassing experience for the renter, but it can also be costly.

Virtual viewing of a house

A premium virtual service can cost up to £1,000, which probably isn’t sustainable across multiple properties – especially for the lettings market. There are cheaper options available, but like any service, you get what you pay for.

Virtual tours also mean that you’re giving creative freedom to the company and taking a hands-off approach. Therefore, finding a company who provides a stellar service is vital to ensure an end product that you, the landlord and the renter are happy with.

Automate tours

If the virtual tour doesn’t quite float your boat, it might be worth looking at the automated option. An automated tour sees the camera taking on a two-in-one role, filming the home and creating the "virtual" element. This means a virtual tour software service won’t be needed.

The cameras scans the room automatically, catching the necessary details to create a virtual tour of the property. Automated cameras can also provide high-quality HD photos that complement the virtual options.

However, much like a virtual tour, using automated software takes away from the personalisation of the service. And with consumers (who are also renters) demanding more authenticity, automated tours could potentially seem somewhat bland.

Take control yourself

If you want to take a more hands-on approach, it’s worth creating video tours that you have filmed yourself. All you need is a phone with video recording capabilities so that you can whizz around the property and film a video walkthrough.

You’re in total control over the video, and it’s a more cost-efficient option than using a virtual service. Just make sure that you use a filming device with HD video. Fortunately, most smartphones include video-recording options in 1080p and higher.

A little help from your friends

There is, however, a fourth option – one that includes a bit of DIY with expert help from your friends/partners. At Movebubble, we’re a video-first platform, which means you can create video listings in seconds while adding a touch of personality to your videos.

Movebubble Home Walkthroughs

Renters want to see an unfiltered, genuine representation of the property, and that’s just what Movebubble’s Home Walkthroughs provide. There’s also the added bonus of pre-verified renters making an instant offer on the property.

That’s because we verify our 700,000-plus renters who use Movebubble, speeding up the rental in the process. Renters can find, view and secure their new home without even leaving their sofa. For you, it provides an opportunity to get faster lets with video walkthroughs that show renters what it’s really like to live somewhere.

Creating video viewings that work

With the threat of a second lockdown, video viewings are set to become even more important for all letting agents. Therefore, you should ensure that you create ones that excite renters and get them moving home in no time at all.

Using Home Walkthroughs and Instant Booking with Movebubble helps you can add another layer to your video viewings while speeding up rentals. Get in touch with us and help to safeguard your agency against a second lockdown while providing renters with high-quality video viewings on Movebubble.

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