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The Most Renter-Friendly Agents of 2018!

17 December 2018 Amy McKechnie Read time: 6 min
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Amy McKechnie

Every month we've been keeping you posted about the top agents on Movebubble but now, as 2018 draws to a close,  the time has come for something much bigger......!

We've had a look through all our agent and renter data from 2018, and we found the agents that have been going above and beyond as well as delivering amazing results throughout the year. 

So we thought, why not choose our top agents for 2018 over a few different categories?  Who are the agents with the most 5 star ratings on the app? Who are the most responsive agents? Which agent has answered the most number of enquires from renters?....and, who has done the most deals in 2018? As well as some fun stuff and comments we've received and not forgetting Movebubble's Top Agent of the Year ..........πŸ™Œ

If you've missed last month's Top 10 Agents list, check out this article...and if your branch and agents aren't set up with the Movebubble App for Agents you can get in touch using the details at the end of this article.




1. The most 5-star ratings on Movebubble

Having a positive reputation is key to building your letting agency's success and guarantee lots of happy customers! It's so good to know that we're partnering with some of the best letting agents in the capital, so well done all of you for keeping such a great star rating on the app throughout 2018. We believe that renting should be a positive experience, and you're helping us make renting better for everyone. So, who's received the highest amount of 5 star ratings on the app this year?

Ranking Agent Name Agency Branch
1 πŸŽ‰ Ashley Thompson Ellis & Co Bethnal Green
2 Thomas Izod Kallars London
3 Daniel Frampton Home Made London
4 Josh Fox-Cooper Hotblack Desiato Highbury
5 Adam Wright Paramount West Hampstead

Great job Ashley, it looks like you had lots of 5 stars from Movebubblers this year πŸ‘πŸ»

2. The most responsive agents on Movebubble

We've mentioned throughout the year how important it is to get back to all chats you get from renters. If a renter reaches out to you in chat through the Movebubble app, they're looking for a response back in the app. Just as you would if you sent someone a text....you expect a response back right?  There are some agents on the app who  have responded to nearly 400 chats in 2018, which is just amazing! And again, Ashley is our #1....not only has he received the highest ratings but he has also responded to the most renters! πŸ™Œ

Ranking Agent Name Agency
1 πŸŽ‰ Ashley Thompson Ellis & Co
2 Yovin Ramsamy Alex Crown Lettings
3 Arnaldo Bolivar P.G. Estates
4 Max Stewart 1 Residential Realtors
5 Adam Wright Paramount

3. The agents who booked in the most viewings 

Movebubble enables you to not only save hours of your time by using the chat feature on the app you can book in viewings here too for the enquiries received. Amazing right?  Did you also know that scheduling viewings through the Movebubble app also gives you access to our renters' feedback and star-ratings?  It also helps renters keep track of viewings by sending them alerts about the viewings you've scheduled with them. Make sure to use this feature, so you'll get lots of positive ratings, build your reputation and then ultimately you'll attract new landlords' instructions 😊 and guess who our agent is that's booked in the most viewings.  Yip, you've guessed it its Ashley from Ellis & Co. No wonder he's had so many amazing ratings from renters. 

Ranking Agent Name Agency Branch
1 πŸŽ‰ Ashley Thompson Ellis & Co Bethnal Green
2 Josh Fox-Cooper Hotblack Desiato Highbury
3 Charlie Hawkes Property Group London
4 Adam Wright Paramount West Hampstead
5 Thomas Izod Kallars London

4. The agent who did the most deals in 2018 

Ok, so as we've seen, not only has Ashley from Ellis & Co responded to the most chats, booked the most viewings and received the highest ratings he has also...yip you've guessed it, done the most deals on the app in 2018. πŸ’΅ Based on how well he has been using the app in 2018 its no surprise really to see all those great deals coming in. Ashley is followed by Zac from Cityhomes Estates, Stefano from Samuel Estates and Charlene at Vesper Homes.

Keep up the good work all of you and we're looking forward to seeing all these viewings, ratings and deals in 2019! 

 5. The most chatty agents 

It's crucial to get back to renters using the chat feature in the app. They've use this to reach out to you and most of the young professionals who are choosing Movebubble for their home search will prefer texting in app rather than sending an email or calling your office.

We've noticed that some of you had great interaction and chats with Movebubble renters, well done! It's such a great way to build trust and rapport! Let's see who've been the most chatty agents on the app this year.

Ranking Agent Name Agency Branch
1 πŸ’¬ Zanardi Bahi Keating Estates London
2 Claire Bobie Ludlow Thompson Docklands
3 Alexander Worth Champions London
4 Roberta Svile Tavistock Bow London
5 Hristiyan Stoyanov Kingsley Hamilton Estates Canary Wharf

6. Nicest comments that Movebubble has received 

At Movebubble, we find it really useful to hear from you guys. Both renters and agents can chat to Movebubble experts by using a chat box on the app, and we've heard some really lovely comments from you... here are just a couple of examples:

"Movebubble makes my job more active and easy. I set a different tone for the notification so when I get one no matter which day or time, even if it's 5.00am in the morning, I reply immediately. The process to chat directly with the renter is very good particularly after viewings when I need to get some feedback... "

Stefano, Samuel Estates 


"Movebubble has been great, it’s proved much more convenient for those with busy schedules who don’t always have time to check their emails or pick up calls. The casual but professional approach makes communication easier and far more frequent, which means queries can be dealt with on the move."

Joshuah Eagle, Madison Brook 

7. Best profile photos on the app

Setting a profile photo will increase your chances of being contacted by the renters and landlords. That's why it's so important to add one, and it's extremely easy too. We had a look at all the profile photos you guys have added on your Movebubble app, and some of them are super nice! Here's our selection of top profile photos from our fantastic agents... have you added yours?  



Shaun - keatons

Shaun - Keatons

An Espresso Martini is always a good idea... even before a viewing 🍸

Honor - Winkworth

Honor - Winkworth

We wish we loved Mondays as much as Honor does 🀩 This profile photo gives us the needed #MondayMotivation.





Charlie - Hawkes Property Group

Charlie - Hawkes Property Group

This is the right idea: do lots of deals and schedule the next amazing holiday. Well done Charlie 😎 






8. Weirdest places to answer a renter enquiry 

We've also asked some of you what  has been the weirdest place from where you got back to a renter on the Movebubble app, and some of the answers were pretty interesting!

Movebubble: What's the weirdest place you've answered a renter enquiry from? 


I was dancing in a club when I received a message from a renter... and I got back to him immediately! It's so important to answer quickly, or renters will just look somewhere else!

Nicholas, Franklyn James Wapping 


A few weeks ago, I answered an enquiry from a music festival during the break between two concerts!

Liam, Keatons

Having the app on your phone means you never miss out on a lead! Make sure the notifications are turned on, so you'll receive alerts for the enquiries on the app and you'll get back to the renter as soon as possible, just like Nicholas and Liam do! 

9. Our favourite renter feedback 

After viewing a property, renters are requested to leave a feedback for the letting agents that they chatted and done the viewing with. Some of the renters really love the app and leave lovely feedback for our Partner agents! We've chosen our favourite comments from renters, so here they are:

 "The agent was very patient with us! Thank you so much :)"

 "Absolute lad" πŸ˜‚

"Great agent that done a late appointment for us...he was wearing a tracksuit as he had just come straight from the Gym..."



10. Most supportive branch manager

In order for the negotiators to do a great job, branch managers need to encourage them to make the most out of all the available channels! Ryan, from Samuel Estates is this year's most supportive branch manager! Well done Ryan, we've seen some fantastic performance from your team since you came in and encouraged them - nice one πŸ˜ƒ


And last but by no means least  Movebubble's Top Agent of the Year 2018 is...

πŸŽ‰ Ashley ThompsonπŸŽ‰

Ellis & Co

He's done an awesome job and has really deserved the title of best agent this year. 

We asked Ashley what he thinks of Movebubble, and here's his answer:

quoteLove the Movebubble app, qualified applicants, great features and very easy to use. I'd give it 5 STARS πŸ€©

Do you want to get the chance to be featured in 2019? Check out our top tips to become one of the most renter-friendly agent on the Movebubble app!

Our top tips to become Negotiator of the year in 2019

If you haven't been featured in one of this years leaderboards, don't worry! By following our handy tips, you can become the best agent on the Movebubble app in 2019. 

1. Turn on your notifications on the Movebubble app

Having your notifications on will ensure that you see all enquiries on your phone, and you can turn them into deals! What are you waiting for?

2. Get your viewings booked in the app

This is the only way your renters will be asked to rate you! It also makes things easier for the renters, because they can keep track of the entire conversation on a single channel! How annoying is it when you contact someone via text and they reply with an email?

3. Respond to all enquiries quickly

If you don't reply to the renters quickly enough, you might miss the chance to chat to them! One of your colleagues could be quicker and get that deal done... You want that deal for yourself, right?

4. Check out more tips to become renter-first πŸ™ŒπŸ»

We recently collaborated with Paramount Properties to find out why customer-centricity is so important, you can read more about it and check out their video here. We also put together some tips to guarantee happy renters, and avoid the pitfalls that so many agencies fall into! 


Not a partner yet? No need to panic, just get in touch with our team today to request a quote and get chatting on the Movebubble app!


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