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How to Create a Tone of Voice for Your Letting Agency

19 April 2021 Julie Davidson Read time: 3 min
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Julie Davidson

There are plenty of letting agents competing for landlords and renters. Even when you look at the scene on a local level, the sight of multiple agents all sitting on the same high street isn’t uncommon. Therefore, it’s vital that you separate yourself from the competition.

But how do you do it?

A robust marketing plan is a good starting point. Yet, there’s no point in creating content and marketing your agency if you don’t have a tone of voice (TOV). A tone of voice sets the, well, tone for how your brand sounds when it communicates, be it through the website, social media, and how your agents talk to clients. 

You need to find an identity, and a tone of voice allows you to do just that while building a brand. So how do you create one? That’s where we come in with this guide, detailing everything your letting agency needs to know about nailing its tone of voice. 

What is a tone of voice (TOV)?

There’s loads of marketing jargon, but you should pay attention when people talk about a tone of voice. Essentially, your tone of voice represents the entire letting agency; it’s the words you use to describe yourself and your messaging architecture. 

How your agency talks to customers plays a huge role in them forming an opinion about you, ultimately helping them decide if they want to use your agency. Get your tone of voice right, and it can be a key driver that makes people come to your agency over local competitors.

How to create a tone of voice

Know who you are and where you’re going

The words “DNA” mean plenty in the world of business. Because without having a core DNA for your brand, who even are you? Ok, so it doesn’t have to be so dramatic, but knowing the core ethos of your letting agency and what it represents is the starting point for creating a tone of voice. 

Before other people can get behind what you represent, you need to set out your own mantra and decide on the type of letting agent you want to be. Perhaps you want to break from the traditional mould of agents, or maybe you want to toe the line and fit in with the rest? However you define your brand, you need to be laser-focused in your efforts. 

Look to the past to see the future

If you’ve never heard the words “content audit” before, now is the time to get familiar with something that is a very important part on your way to creating a tone of voice. A content audit allows you to dig deeper into your agency’s past communication methods and see where you stand in the here and now. 

A content audit helps determine if there is already consistency in your message or if it needs tweaking. Most letting agents look past content audits, but they can be helpful exercises to look at the bigger picture and start thinking about how to evolve and reshape your agency’s tone of voice. 


Style guides

Ok, so you’ve got the point where you know who you are and where you’re going as an agency. Now is the time to start jotting some of it down and make everything official. A style guide provides more clarity while helping current and future employers understand your agency’s TOV. 

A style guide sets out your agency’s tone of voice. Therefore, it needs to be clear and easy to follow so that employees can easily understand it. Let them know how they should talk when representing your agency and how written communications should sound. 

The style guide should show clear examples of a good tone of voice and bad tone of voice, giving those reading it a chance to understand its context. It’s basically your guide book for how you and other employees should represent the agency. 

Practice makes perfect

When it comes to putting your tone of voice into practise, it’s worth trying different variations to see what works best – but the core parts of the TOV should never change. You might wish to be slightly more humorous in a social media post before taking a serious tone for a press release. 

Having a tone of voice doesn’t mean being rigid in your approach. The guidelines are there to lay down the essentials. From here, you can adapt to the type of messaging you put out to customers and businesses. 

Nailing your tone of voice

Creating a tone of voice gives your letting agency a personality. It can be the difference-maker, helping you stand out from the crowd. Your tone of voice is unique to you, and a good one will resonate with your customers and help increase business as you sign up more landlords and renters. 

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